hyper space?

What is hyper space

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    Hyperspace(mathematics) refers to a Euclidean space of dimension greater than three. (The term was common in late nineteenth century British books, sometimes in the context of paranormal fantasies, but has become rarer since then.)

    In science fiction, hyperspace is any region of space co-existing with our own universe (in some cases displaced in an extra spatial dimension) which may be entered using some sort of energy field or space-altering device. While hyperspace is in some way anchored to the normal universe, its properties are not the same as normal space, so traveling in hyperspace is largely inequivalent to traveling in normal space.

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    Any space with more than 3 dimensions is called as hyper space

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    Hyperspace is a device used in science fiction to get around the speed of light barrier. The gist of it is that there's another sort of space "alongside" our own type of space. However, the physical laws governing distance and velocity aren't the same, allowing for instantaneous (or near-instantaneous) travel from place to place. So, basically you take off from Earth, activate your hyperspace drive, pop out of the universe from earth, pop back into the universe at Rigel VI, and land your spaceship.

    Also known as "subspace" in the Star Trek series.

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    Hyperspace has many meanings, but from the viewpoint of geometry it is a space of dimension greater than three...

    Spacetime or space-time of Special Relativity is regarded as a hyperspace.

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