Bones...anyone else love it like it do? my recent obsession with's taken over my life. I just wanted to know if anyone else has any predictions for the upcoming episodes...tell what you think? Possibility of a Booth/Brennan relationshio..yes? or no?


I totally think that Booth and Brennan will get togther but how??? so much in between them...

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    I'm torn as to how they'd do it. I like them both, but I can't see Bones' "logic" in hooking up with Booth. I think they're starting to hint at it with her hugging him, being less socially inept with others around her, her trying to understand him more (eppy where she went to church with him). If Booth and Cam break up I don't know if she'd think it was right to go out with her partner and bosses' ex.

    Tonight set it up as her family leaving her again and her having to be able to define the people in her life as family.

    I could see them hooking up like the did Sara and Grissom on CSI, just bang, there they are after the hinting at the attraction.

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    I love watching BONES, though I hated how they made Zack change the way he looked. How could they! Yes he looked 'unprofessional' but Zack is a freakin' genius. Their new boss (currently forgot her name) is totally stupid.

    I believe there is a really large Booth/Brennan relationship possibility. If you've been watching every single episode those two go together like butter on toast.

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    I hope Bones and Booth will get together....

    on Wednesday they looked like they were gunna kiss but Zach interupted them. I love Bones and i watch it all the time on my ipod and on my DVDs.

    Hope that helps,

    ~Temperance(and yes that is my real name and when i heard it on Bones i was so excited to hear of someone else with that name)

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    Booth & Brennan have to get together...........One of my favorite shows.

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    I like that song by the Killers! I don't watch the show, sorry

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    well yah that can be , that would make the story more suspense!

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    yeah good show

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