how bad is a write-up at work?

Anybody know? I'm "at risk" of getting one and I'm going to play by the rules and kiss up and do whatever I have to do.

But my boss is a psychopath and he's gonna sabatoge things if he can... god help me.

My record is really good up to this point. What should I do?

Does this kind of stuff follow you around for life?



- i haven't gotten one yet

-its basically a "personality conflict" w/ my boss... might be in it too deep to curb it. In my own defense, I've been pretty patient, but this has been going on for quite a while. Not good in office politics - I look like a jerk.

-i'm most worried about it affecting me w/ other jobs in the future...

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    While the severity of how bad it can be is open for debate, it certainly isn't good at all in any case.

    It can potentially follow you around. When you list past employers on a resume or job application, and the place you are hiring for calls them up and asks what kind of worker you've been, the person from the old company they talk to will go through and they may or may not discuss that, depending on how long ago it was and how bad it actually was.\

    I'm sure you could appeal it somehow or something, go over your supervisors head to his boss. When I had 3 writeups for being late in a week, I went to my supervisor's boss and explained to him that i was having trouble finding transportation to work right after my car was stolen, right from the parking lot at work, in broad daylight. He was understanding and had them removed once i got a car and showed that I am normally not a tardy person.

  • 1 decade ago company policy. Being a supervisor and having written up at least 100 people myself I will tell you that being written up or having points does not mean that you are going to get fired. Honestly I will tell you that it's all about people and popularity. If you have skills you can get away with almost anything. Some hints and tricks for your hard-to-deal with boss:

    1. Don't take any crap without speaking up/watch what

    you say- If you have problems, be sure to express

    them but tactfully, and break the issues down to the


    2. Don't get cornered- If the supervisor tries to take you into a corner to discipline you say you want a witness present, that is your legal right. If they are going to write you up ask them what policy you broke and have them explain it to you. If they cannot explain what policy you have broke ask them if they are going to write you up. If there is no reason and no policy you broke, no write-up ask this question..supervisor's love it "are you trying to single me out" They will ususally leave you alone after that question because there is no real good answers for that one. If they answer that one wrong and you have witnesses you could get the supervisor fired!!!!

    3. Do not sign anything you do not agree with-A lot of superviors or H.R. managers will tell you that you have to sign something on a write-up. If it's are in bad shape, shut up and take your medicine!!!! If it is wrong, then raise hell. If the supervisor does not have a leg to stand on, and cannot prove what his charges do not sign it, and if you are threatened with termination, take it to the top and tell everyone that you will draw unemployment if fired because they are wrong!!!!

    If you do not feel like battling but just spiteful, you can also do a couple of things, sign on the back and write the statement below "My signature is only an acknowledgement that I have reviewed the aforementioned material, and does not represent my agreement with any of the mentioned statements"

    • Worked 4 company 4 15 yrs came to work on time maybe made some mistakes at the beginning talked too corrected some, new suddenly new management takes over and cuts back on things pile more on me physical work and suddenly doing write ups but i seem i seem to suddenly become a victim of them.

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    What is the infraction? Do you have a ghhandbook or policy manual? If it's for attendance that is usually on a rolling basis-for instance after so many absences in a 90 day period you get a write up. If you do not miss any additional days in 90 days the write up is removed.

    If it is for something fairly serious it could remain a "blemish" on your record a long time, even permanently. If you disagree with the write up or have additional info to add ask to make a note on the document stating whatever it is. I always give employees that opportunity.

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    That I won't be able to make a career out of it. I've got to get published and write more. I know I'm the controller of my career when I write, but I have to stay responsible and write every weekday. I'm scared of writer's block, too. A long case could kill me. And then there's the idea I might not be able to write. Losing my ability due to old age or an accident... that would take away my purpose in life.

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    It depends on what your job is and how your company work. Most jobs you can have so many write up (like 3) before they take it to the next level like suspension. If your record is good then you shouldn't have anything to worry about. BUT at the same time, if you want to move up in the company, this will stay in your file and it might count against you for that. It might knock you down as if you were back on the "90" day probation period.

    Source(s): I work in Human Resources
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    If your work is in fast food. No, it will not follow you around. Probably your boss is not a psychopath you did something that warrants a write up. You should look up 'How to win friends and influence people.' There are allot of good ideas in there on how to deal with difficult people.

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    Usually, when you go for another position at a different company, they will check work history. That being said, the HR Dept,. of your current company will only be able to give start and finish dates - they can't discuss salary, title or anything else for that matter. Most companies don't want to set themselves up for a lawsuit so stick to the start and finish dates then deal with a lawsuit.

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    Just try to follow company procedure to the book so they cant find a reason TO write you up.

    Just take this write up as a lesson learned, I dont think kissing up or any of that will not make them write you up. I have seen employees that have been with companies for several years and seem to be the perfect role model be written up for stuff.

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    It doesn't follow you here in Tn. Maybe it's different in each state but when you call to check employment for someone here in TN all they can say is if and when the person worked for them and possibly say if they would rehire. Nothing more nothing less.

    I think the write up only hurts in the company you've been written up in.



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    It's not a bad thing unless they need a reason to fire you and that could be there reason but you would have to be written up at least 3 times to use that excuse. I use to get written up alot at my old job and nothin ever happend it was there way of giving me a warning, i wouldn't let it bother you at all.

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