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How do you say "How much for an hour"?

In Chinkanese? I'm heading down to China Town for a special messaage, and I want to impress the slanty-eyed chikadees.

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    say du may loh moh, this should impress them very much and show your true colours. Best said if there is another gentleman in the room.

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    They won't be impressed, they'll more than likely look at you in disgust and walk away!

    A much better way of impressing them would be to have a proper conversation with them (Just learn basic greetings first, then work your way up).

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    "Chinkanese" My,my I can tell you have a lot of friends. Stay at home pal , and first learn to speak english before moving on to another language.

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    With your attitude, you'll impress them most by staying at home.

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    my my a white person in black face....let's remind me of Al Jonson

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    you sound stupid. what kind of sane woman would even consider looking at you?

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