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Some good dog food nutrition tips when looking for dog food?

What are some good dog food nutrition tips when looking for dog food? I understand that there shouldn't be corn, by-products, etc. What are some other things I should look for?


By the way, I feed my dog Authority Harvest Baked... Is that a good brand? I understand that there are better out there (Innova, Wellness, Evo, California Natural, Karma, Solid Gold, etc) but I just can't afford it... But don't get me wrong, I do want the best for my dog, so the best thing I got closest to holistic and natural was Authority Harvest Baked (affordable too!) Was that a good idea to get Authority Harvest Baked?

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    I feed my dogs Natural balance.

    You want a food that doesn't have corn, soy (fillers), by-products and a minimal amount of wheat if any (common allergy in dogs). Meat should be the first few ingredients. A lot of dog foods have corn in the first few don't want that.

    Some other good brands are Wellness, Canidae, and Innova.

    Good luck!

    EDIT> I loked up the ingredients of Authority and it looks likes a decent food IMO, but wheat is the second ingredient...make sure your dog isn't allergic to it.

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    Skip the Royal Canin, Science Diet, Iams. A Yorkie eats next to nothing, so the cost of food is minimal even with truly "expensive" foods. Plus, dogs eat much less of the higher quality foods. I spend less than $80 a month feeding 3 large breeds and a toy breed. Does your pitbull NEED the performance food? Diamond also makes Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's's a MUCH better food for both of your dogs-Higher quality ingredients, and only about $3 a bag (for the biggest-it's 30 or 35 pounds) more than the regular Diamond. Diamond Naturals would be a decent food that both could eat. To keep them from each other's food (if you feed different foods), simply feed them in separate rooms with a closed door between them. If I were to recommend an inexpensive food that both could eat, I'd go with the Chicken Soup (if they don't carry it already, anyplace that carried Diamond can get it for you). My dogs eat California Naturals, made by Natura, who also makes Healthwise and Innova. Those three, in my opinion, are the best foods out there. Some other good foods for both dogs: Wellness Super5mix, Merrick, some of the Solid Gold varieties, Prairie, Canidae All Life Stages. If you feel that the Pitbull needs the extra calories from the Diamond Performance, you could feed that the the small dog, as well. It's at the high end of what I would feed a small dog for protein (30%), but should work out fine, except that I would monitor weight closely. I searched high and low for a food that all 4 of my dogs could tolerate, because feeding separate foods is a huge pain to me.

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    You're on the right track with no corn or by-products. Also make sure the packaging doesn't say "meat". It needs to say Chicken or Turkey but not 'meat'. Meat could be euthanized dog or worse being fed back to your dog! Ew!

    Watch out for the grains too -- chicken meal or turkey meal is ok, as are barley or some rice, but there should be no corn and no wheat. Some dogs are deathly alergic to wheat!

    We feed Artemis Fresh Mix to our girls -- It's a holistic food and not that pricey - we pay about $22 for a 15lb bag.

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    Personally, I feed my boys Innova Evo because it is all natural, no grain dry kibble. Grain is not processed by the dog so it's just a filler to make them full and is passed through into their waste which you than clean up. The food is made up of meats and vegetables.. it is equivalent to a BARF diet but in kibbly form. They also offer large and small sized kibble as well as red meat and a reduced calorie version. also, this is rated as a all life stages food so you do not need to switch your puppy to an adult formula to senior formula..they can take Innova Evo all their life.

    When I did a price comparison of Innova Evo vs Iams and Eukanuba and other common brands I found that per pound Innova Evo only cost about 10-20 cents more per pound than these offer more readily available brands. Natura (who makes Innova Evo) limits how many stores in an area can carry their food as well as limit shipping out of state to ensure the quality of the food.

    Buying food in bigger bags is cheaper than the small bags but remember to only buy a bag that can be consumed in six months because after that time the nutrients can "leak out".

    Don't feed dogs wet/canned food it may have close to the same nutrients as dry but it does not offer the dental benefits that kibble does.

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    Authority is a good food, I feed my guys Eagle Pak, its pretty expensive though $39 a bag, have you looked at natural choice or nutro?

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    You might try typing dog nutrition into your computer's search engine. There are plenty of sites that you can review.

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    authority harvest baked is a good food... it isnt holistic which would be a better choice but it;s the next best thing.. i feed authority to my dogs and they do well on it... the harvest baked had vegetables and no by products in it... so in my opinion if your dog is doing well on it keep it ... dont switch it... nutro ultra is a holistic food and it isnt that much more.. and its great.. aslo blue buffalo is amazing but pricey.... nutrience came out with a holistic line that has great ingridients... good luck

    Source(s): worked at petsmart for 2 yrs
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    corn,wheat,gluten meal,rice if its the first ingredient,corn gluten meal,flour.

    Basically the first two ingredients should be a meat source.Meat by products are not necessarily a bad thing,as long as it isnt the first ingredient.the first ingredient is always what the food has most of.

    Most expensive brands are good food,Merricks,WEllness,Fromm,Evo,Natural balance etc

    Sometimes these brands are not as pricey as I thought they would be

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    The Authority is a good food, if your dog likes it and it is affordable for you I would personally stick with it.

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    Avoid by-products. Look for fish oils and supplements like glucosamine and condroiten. Keep in mind that the largest ingredient is listed first and all other ingredients are listed in descending order.

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