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My husbands parents.?

My husbands parents have not spoken to him for eight years because of a lie his ex-wife told them. Every year (for six years) I (current wife) have sent them Christmas cards, Mothers Day cards, Fathers Day cards and Birthday cards and have never gotten a response. Should I continue to do this? They are in their eighties.

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    Personally I believe that you are doing the right thing and who knows perhaps someday they may respond in kind. Its too bad that they have to be so spiteful at that age as they must realize that they aren't going to be around forever and as such are missing out on a lot. You are very mature and thoughtful by showing that you still recognize them and I believe that you will feel better if you continue with this.

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    I think it's a good idea to continue doing it. That way you and your husband know you've done everything you could do to reach out to them. If you put the ball in their court, then you shouldn't feel bad if they don't respond.

    I might also suggest trying to call them, or showing up at their place and trying to talk with them. They aren't going to live forever, and they should at least hear their son's side of the story and hear what he has to say about the situation.

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    I think one heartfelt letter from their son-not from you-is in order. They need to be told how much they are wanted and how sad this whole thing has been. Ask if they just couldn't put it all behind them and be together as a family once again.

    They obviously haven't much time left. It would be a terrible shame for them to go to their grave with this unfinished business.

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    What does your hubby think...does he think the last 6 years have made any type of improvment...if he doesn't care what you send, then I wouldn't waste another minute!

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    call and visit, find out what happened, maybe they died

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