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how can i find out dat my boyfriend really loves me?

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    Actions speak louder than words. When a man loves you he will do things for you that he normally would not do for just "any" girl. He will talk about you to his family and friends. He will want to spend time with you. Mostly it's the little things like thinking of you first (before himself)- example: My boyfriend loves soda and he knows I hate it. He went to the store the other day to get a soda (we had limited cash because we just came from Gillians, a pool hall arcade) and when he came back to the car he had a snapple (my favorite flavor-snapple apple) in his hand. I didn't even tell him I was thirty but he was thinking of me because he knew I wouldn't have wanted the soda so in case I was thirsty, then I could drink with him.

    There can be a million things that he does that will tell you if he loves you. So pay attention to his actions, because those are the true test that will tell you!

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    If you need to ask that question then its either a few things..

    a) he doesnt love you

    b) he loves you but you're insecure and need constant self assurance.

    c) He does things that show you that you don't trust him.

    d) All of the above but you still want to know.

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    Well, stop saying words like "dat." Then ask him.

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    does he go out of his way to make you happy? is he concerned about your well being? do he talk about you guys the the future tense? even if you ask him if he loves you he can still say yes and not mean it, guys tend to do that........ actions speak louder than words.... if you dont really feel it from him..... odds are he probably doesnt!

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    Never give him any sex and see if he leave you or stays with you. If he loves you he will stay anyway.

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    tell him you love him

    and look for a flaw!

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    tell him that ur pregnant. and if he stays he loves u

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    see his behaviour


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