This is just one among many questions and would like feedback but here is my situation:?

I was raised in a hard core fundamentalist belief. However i have strayed from that seing after searching, I do not find any proof to the teaching that God or Jesus alone is the creator of the universe,and to the other teachings on that aspect. What more, the hypocrisy involved and the looking down on other "non-believers" are unerving. I still believe in prayers, that there is a Great Spirit,and justice in the universe. My mother and I spend a great deal of talking, however when a situation is shared with me, and I say,"I will be praying for this or that person", I am made to feel that my prayers aren't worth anything because I am not a christian to their sight but a heathen. Isn't this just plain self righteousness on my mother's account? How do I relay myself to her that just because I do not believe in the bible doesn't mean i am lost?

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    I have been through similar type things with my family on account of changes in my beliefs over the years. But they now totally accept that my prayers work. Maybe they have seen, with time, how my prayers have worked, and they can see that God guides me even though I'm not a "Christian."

    There may not really be anything you can do except be patient. You cannot count on being able to change their beliefs. Their beliefs may never change. It's just one of these things we have to learn to deal with. I try to remind myself that they are just following what they believe to be true to the best of their abilities. They may not have it all right, but most likely, I don't either. This can be a great opportunity for you to grow spiritually and learn patience and acceptance when people disrespect you.

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    You sound a lot like me. Maybe I'm getting this wrong and maybe I'm not, but you are saying you believe in a higher power, but don't necessarily believe that the credit should be given to those listed in the bible.

    I personally believe in a God, but don't believe in the institution of the church or in the religious teaching that they follow. I feel that the activities that a higher power would require of its followershas been perverted and twisted so badly that even most religious people are misguided. I feel that many of the restrictions that religious followings have placed on life were done for their own selfish reasons.

    You can't tell any of them anything. Their ears are not open and therefore they cannot hear.

    You continue to pray in your own way. No one has a right to judge you for it. I'm not sure how to advise you with your mother, you know her better then anyone on Yahoo Aswers does.

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    I understand very well what you’re saying. I left the church for very similar reasons back when I was young. I was an agnostic for many years and while I didn’t put down Christians, I didn’t want anything to do with any church.

    When I came back, or when Christ brought me back, I never even considered returning to a fundamentalist type church. That’s just not for me. But looking back over my life I wish that instead of abandoning Faith altogether I had searched for a church that wasn’t bigoted and hypocritical. Good churches do exist.

    Even to this day my mother doesn’t understand.

    We go through man different stages in life and while you and your mother may never see eye to eye, don’t let that drive you away from Faith. And don’t let her intimidate you by saying her way is the only way. You have to find the way that is best for you. There are many different denominations in the Christian church and not one of them is the correct one for everybody.

    But while you’re searching, try not to wonder to far away from Christ. He is the good shepherd and will bring you back and comfort you like the lost lamb, but life is far better if you never stray to far in the first place. Don’t stop talking to him. Tell him everything that you are feeling and ask for guidance and comfort.

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    I do not know the "fundamentalist belief" you were taught.... But The Truth of The Word and Will of God is real.... unfortunatly too many misuse or misapply God's Word...It is Truth that the prayers of the non-believer are not heard. nore are the insincier prayers of The believer...

    Based on your own words I will say that you are not of The True Christian Faith... And dispite what instruction you may have received you never have been... no one is born a Christian and just going through the motions dose not cut it either... no matter how many years and how active in any order... Clearly you have not heard God's call to you yet...

    All who come to God in The Way He prescribes will receive His free gift of Salvation.... you can not make up your own way to God... no man,priest, pope, doctrin or dogma of man...can make you a Christian.... Only God can decree you one of His...

    I accept email concerning the basics of The True Christian Faith. one honest question will receive one honest answer to the best of my ability...

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    I am afraid that what you are asking her to do is change the very fabric of her exsistance. The core beliefs of many fundamentalists are grounded in absolutes. What you have gone through is a transformation so alien to your mother's ideological framework, that merely trying to convince her that you are "not lost" will only lead to argument and frustration. She believes in the infallablity of the Bible. The Bible teaches that the only way to enter the Kingdom of Heaven will be through baptism and the acceptance that Jesus is the son of God and died for humanity's sins.

    This is the logic: Because the Bible is "perfect," and it says that the only way to God is through Christ, those who do not profess this belief are not "right" with God and therefore will be denied access to Him.

    You have said you are not Christain but still believe in prayer and a higher power just not the one explained by Christian doctrine, but by accepting your views, you are asking your mother to reject the Bible and thus face rejection by God. I'm afraid the love of God and fear of eternal damnation are in this case stronger than love for a daughter. Hopefully, I am wrong and your mother will be able over time to accept your views, but you will not be able to presuade her; be patient with her, love her, and accept her. Perhaps through your actions, the teachings of Jesus will be seen through you in contrast to her myopic, absolutistic belief system and a fundamental change will occur.

    I commend you for your willingness to grow and question. I wish you well as you continue your spiritual walk.

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    Often, Protestant fundamentalism has a very inhuman approach to things.

    That is due to its basic philosophy of existence known as *equivocity.*

    Each religion in the world has a basic philosophy of being that explains why it has the beliefs that it does (most people don't realize that).

    What equivocity states is that God dwells in such a complete transcendence that creation has nothing in common with Him.

    Islam subscribes to this in that the Koran mainly states God's will: if you obey it, you receive an eternal paradise; if you disobey it, you receive an eternal hell-fire - no questions asked.

    Fundamentalist Protestantism is similar with their faith alone (sola fide) and Scripture alone (sola scriptura) stances. Goodness and truth are only what God says they are through the Bible. We don't come to an internalized knowledge of goodness and truth that we would gain through our own experience.

    But Catholic Christianity is based upon something different.

    It is based upon, not equivocity, but the *analogy of being.*

    What the analogy of being states is that God is "other" than creation in that His being is not to be confused with creation as a system such as pantheism or panentheism would do, but at the same time, creation is a powerful mirror of the attributes of God.

    For example, when we see creation as good, true, and beautiful (before being marred with evil), it is a powerful reflection of God who is infinite goodness, truth, and beauty.

    We can also come to an internalized knowledge of many elements of justice, mercy, reasonableness, common sense, by our own intellect, which is a reflection of those attributes in God.

    So instead of blindly taking the rod to anyone who gets out of hand (that a Calvinist would likely do), you would reason out the best and most helpful course of action.

    More on the analogy of being in the article: Quintessential Divine Attributes.

    Catholicism is a very intelligent Faith.

    It is something you should try.


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    This is a tough question and I don't want to answer because without knowing all the facts it could be hurtful. The only thing I would ask for you to do is if you pray already, you said you haven't seen any evidence for God and Jesus in your life. Pray to God, and ask Him, if You are real, do things in my life, work in my life and show me the evidence of your existence. I promise that God will work in your life and it will only be up to you to accept it or not.


    Give me some feedback, I used to feel the same way as you.

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    >> Isn't this just plain self righteousness on my mother's account?

    Yes. Yes it is. But this shouldn't exactly be surprising behaviour for you.

    >> How do I relay myself to her that just because I do not believe in the bible doesn't mean i am lost?

    You won't be able to if she's a fundamentalist. At best, you'll have to hope for "agree to disagree."

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    Prayer is our connection to God. Even when we worship that spirit (God) in different ways, we are all capable of prayers. Perhaps arguing that you don't believe the same has created this atmosphere of non belief at all. You must emphasize that you still believe in God (if this is true) otherwise who are you praying to?

  • Maybe you don't believe in the Bible, but almost everybody doesn't believe, but anyway, God is talking to you for you to live;

    there's time...

    Zephaniah 2:2,3

    Before [the] statute gives birth to [anything], [before the] day has passed by just like chaff, before there comes upon YOU people the burning anger of Jehovah, before there comes upon YOU the day of Jehovah’s anger, 3 seek Jehovah, all YOU meek ones of the earth, who have practiced His own judicial decision. Seek righteousness, seek meekness. Probably YOU may be concealed in the day of Jehovah’s anger.

    Source(s): New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures
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