Cutting trans fat from menus, really it really affect anything???

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I have wondered that myself. It seems almost everything you can buy in the store says "Zero Trans-Fat!" somewhere on the package. If everything says that, sheeh... it might as well say, "Zero Wild Hippopotamuses inside!" :P

    I'd like to know the anwer to this question too.

  • 1 decade ago

    Does it really affect anything?

    All this anti saturated fat position we have all taken has done us way more harm then good!

    Why because saturated fats are stable, infact they are the most stable fat there is. What does that mean? It means if anything is going to handle high heat saturated fat is.

    Most vegetable fats do not tolerate heat let alone deep frying and repeated frying over and over. Polyunsaturates go rancid very easily, even from simply too much light...

    But rather then use the much feared saturated fat (which is un founded) to get around it we have instead tried to make more stable/solid fats through partially hydronating them. This creates what we know as trans fats.

    Trans fats have been implicated in so many things which are only now coming to light as it has been blocked for a long time due to $$$

    They have been implicated in cancer, obesity, diabetes, decreases in the good cholesterol, increases in bad cholesterol, high blood sugar, sticky platelets, high lipoprotein, decreases in visual acuity in breastfed infants, reproductive changes... the list could go on...

    To top that off the most often used oil for this is soy bean oil because it is so cheap... yet soy brings with it a huge set of health implications all on its own!

    Bring back the lard, coconut oil, butter and every other saturated fat I say!

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    1 decade ago

    yea it may make them use substance with less fat cals and more nutrition like corn oil or plant oil or so or olvie oil in their foods

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