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Starting RB's for Week 15: Tiki Barber, Willi Parker, or Frank Gore?

I am in the playoffs in my fantasy league and have to start two RB's. Out of Frank Gore, Willi Parker, and Tiki Barber which two should I start?

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    Frank Gore and Tiki Barber. The Steelers are only averaging 56.0 yards rushing per game on the road.

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    All 3 are playing good defenses but id have to go with willie parker playing carolin because hes been unbelievable lately and this whole season and frank gore for the same reasons

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    Run fast Willie and Gore. All three get lots of yardage, but Gore and Parker find the endzone more. Additionally, both Parker an Gore have been on fire lately.

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    I'd go with Parker and Barber, I know Gore has great stats but I just don't see the Niners doing anything up in Seattle.

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    I have both Gore and Parker. And they tear it up almost everyweek. Like the Giants Tiki is on a rollercoaster.

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    Frank Gore, he was a free agent in my league last week, I picked him up and he single handedly won for me...although I hate the niners.

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    Gore and tiki.

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