Need help with the anime Yu Yu Hakusho?

Does anyone know in what episode do they speak about Kurama's first meeting with Hiei? All I know is that they say there that Hiei mistakes Kurama for someone who works for his enemy and Kurama beats him. Also he has short hair in it.

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    Hiei first mentioned it in episode 47 when Kurama turned into the Spirit Fox and when he was talking about his upbringing The Secret of the Jagan Eye but the story that you're talking about is in the Manga and in the anime, it mentions how they met stealing items from King Yama's place. Episode 100 just briefly show them fighting. I have added a website where you can click through the manga to see the whole story. Click on the third link, then click on manga(left hand side), then click yu yu hakusho, scroll down to translated pages, and there should be a title that reads Two Shots (Vol 7) Kurama and Hiei's first meeting. Pick any page you want to start on and keep clicking next at the bottom of the page to continue. Enjoy! :-)

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    That's not in the anime, that's in the manga, I believe. The only other possibility is that they might talk about it in the last few dvds, but I don't think they do. However I know they talk about it in the manga because I've read it. (without pics mind you. it was a translation.)

    edit: elaboration

    Basically, Kurama goes looking for a friend of his, named Maya, who he suspects was kidnapped (for food purposes) by a demon in the area. He meets Hiei on the way because Hiei has gotten word that Yukina has been taken by this same demon. But, Hiei thinks Kurama is one of the demon's henchmen, and they fight. (Kurama using his Blade of Grass Sword - not in the anime- and Hiei using a weapon similar to Kuwabara's Spirit Sword ((which Hiei never used again after learning it was also akin to Kuwabara's sword)) Kurama beats Hiei badly, takes him home, and nurses his wounds until he wakes up. They clear up their misunderstanding, and set off to kill the demon. After defeating the demon (I believe they make him promise to swear off eating people in exchange for his life) Hiei sees that Yukina is not there, but Maya is. Unconcious of course. Kurama picks her up, and on the way home, she wakes up. Knowing she would be curious about what happened, Kurama manifests a flower, puts it up to her nose to sniff, and she falls back to sleep. (Maya was very interested in the paranormal, and Kurama knew she would be asking questions. Also, she saw him use one of his powers at some point during this. Sorry I don't have the link to that page for you.)

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