watch list?

what is the watch list for? just wondering

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    The watchlist is a quick way of finding questions that you want to find the answer to later or you don't want to find the answer, but you're interested in.

    Underneath the question, hover your mouse cursor over the plus sign to reveal a menu. Click the option to add the question to your watch list.

    Click the link to your My Q&A page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you see three tabs - My answers, My questions, and my watchlist. Click the watchlist tab, and then the link to the question to access it.

    Questions will remain in your watchlist regardless of their status until you choose to remove them. You can either click the "Remove from list" option when you view your watchlist, or go to each individual question and repeat the process in which you added the question to the watchlist, but choosing the option to Remove question from the watchlist.

    By the way, you add questions to your watchlist, not people. You can however, access their profiles from the your watchlist.

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    The Watch list can be used for any question you want to keep track of but do NOT necessarily want to answer yourself.

    For instance if you see a Question YOU would also like the answer too. Put it in your Watch List, DO NOT comment to the question by giving a NON-ANSWER like 'I don't know, but I hope someone answers you so I can find out too." That kind of NON-Answer can get you reported for NON-ANSWER. (not a Question or Answer)

    You can also keep track of questions that are in violation of the TOS or CC that you have reported. NEVER tell someone you have reported them.

    ONE; that is a non-answer and can get you reported as well.

    TWO; They can also get mad at you and report all your questions and answers in retaliation.

    You can also keep track of the answers you have given that are still open. You may find it easier once you have a few thousand questions and your watch list can be just the current questions.

    Your other list will keep EVERYTHING you have ever done on the site and may get too large to handle in the future.

    Those are just a few things you can do with the watch list.

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    1 decade ago

    If someone asks a question that you like or want to follow th eprogress of you add it to watch list. This way you have simple quick accesss to the question just by going to your profile as opposed to scrolling through the pages to find it or using the search function. To add a question to your watch list go to the question, click on the plus icon and select add to watch list.

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    Its where you can add a question that you are interested in seeing answers to your watch list so that you can find it better later on.

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    To watch certain questions that you may want to go back to and check....for whatever reason.

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    to look at ?'s


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