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My cockatiel is a good bird but every time I pet her on my shoulder she bits the skin and she bites pretty hard. How do i get her to stop this?

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    Well, I'd like to say that the "time out" method is a bit harsh. This is working for the girl due to the fact that she has a cockatoo, which is a more intelligent bird (generally, the smarter the bird the more stubborn...just as with children). Your cockatiel, should you choose that method, won't need a full 5-10 minutes to think about what she's done. =) I use a "time out" method for when my baby sqwuaks for no reason in his cage....a minute is sufficient. Just long enough for him to calm down and feel the unpleasantness.

    Anyway- The above has a point about dominance. But, you ought to be tall enough above your 'tiel, even with her at shoulder level, that this isn't an issue. It is possible that there's something about your skin that makes her want to nibble!!! My baby bites when there is jewelry, he tries to eat my freckles (ouch!), and when I have chapstick on he attempts to eat my lips. He also bites when I have certain lotions on.

    I just use my "flick the beak" method!!! Just take your index finger and flick it up at your bird's beak and loudly, firmly, say "NO!". This may seem like it isn't working, but after a while it kicks in. I thought it wasn't helping...until I realized my bird was just stubborn...and now if he even sees me begining to lift my hand in that manner he stops. Not only that, but he's remembered that biting is a "no no", and when he DOES do it now you can tell he's trying to sneak it (ever watch a baby try to take something in a cautious manner, looking at you like "sooo...can I get away with it yet?").

    Good luck! All birds are different. They have unique personalities!

    (sorry so long!)

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    Evertime she bites, put her in a "time out" in her cage. Only leave her in there for about 5 or 10 minutes. She will eventually figure out why she is being left alone and will stop doing the bad behavior that gets her sent to her cage. It worked with my cockatoo, so good luck.

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    Stop putting her on your shoulder. When a bird sits above you, and in her mind sitting on your shoulder eye to eye is making her feel dominate over you. Always keep your bird below your shoulder line when handling her. This keeps her from feeling she needs to put you in your place. You could also reinforce your dominance and her compliance by getting her to do the step up exercise. Which basically is making her step up onto your hand over and over again by switching your hands one after the other.

    Source(s): me, I vet tech'd for 9 years
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    she is trying to get comfy, checking to see if pirch is safe. put a thick cloth on your shoulder. they arnt to bright so i dont you can train it.

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