1994 Z28 Camaro. No throttle response, cuts out, smells like sulfur.?

I had to have my Camaro towed home yesterday because it died. It would only idle, and die when it reached about 2kRPM. I found a vacuum line unhooked and reconnected it, which made it start (reluctantly) and it will now rev all the way up. If you stomp the gas, however, it will die. As you accelerate it will cut out and it has a great deal of lost power.

The disconnected vacuum line ran to the back of the motor, to the EGR valve I think. There was also a disconnected line that went from the exhaust-to-smog-pump line and into the brake booster. I reconnected that one also.

What could be the problem? The car ran perfect except for low oil pressure (from 0 to 8 pounds at idle) which we suspected as the sender because mechanical gauge showed normal pressure. The day it died the oil pressure was normal with 18 pounds at idle, 40 at 2k RPM, and it was also a bit harder to start (usually it starts right up, that day the engine had to turn over at least once before actually starting.)

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    This may seem kind of odd, but remove and inspect your distributor cap, and rotor.

    Sounds like an ignition problem.

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    in all probability the 2010 might win with the mods you have yet you're able to desire to hold in there rather stable. I also have a ninety 4 z28 too many mods to record however the quick version is that's have been given a lingenfelter 383 with 468hp on the wheels I kill new camaros so which you're able to desire to a minimum of carry in there

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    A while back I had the same problem with my Dodge pickup and a chunk of the catalytic converter had broke free and traveled down the pipe to the muffler where it got stuck and began to drain power. Eventually it did not start at all and so I replaced the converter (expensive) and problem solved.

    Good luck.

    Also, you can probably knock on your converter and see if it has a rattle. Mine did.

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    check your catalictic converter, it sounds as if it's starting to clog up. This will cause the lack of power, smell, and the stalling. Easy way to check, Remove your oxygen sensor and see if your problems go away or get better. Hope this helps!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Clogged catalytic convertor.

  • 1 decade ago

    it sounds like the EGR valve or the o2 scensers might be cloged

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    bad map sensor, or fuel pump

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