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do you know what famous person has green blood?

my daughter has an extra credit question which is what famous person has green blood,,, unsure if it's a ficitional character or real person?!? any help would be great!!!

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    Spock from the Star Trek TV series and movies is the correct answer. His blood is copper-based instead of iron-based like ours.

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    The most famous that I can think of is the alien hunter in the movie Predator. however Cuttlefish have green blood, as welll certain species of pacific lizards that look alot like a certain lizard selling car insurance, but geckos have red blood.

    Duh, just occurred to me. It is Dr. Spock from Star Trek

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    Spock from the TV Show Star Trek, the original series.

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    The Incredible Hulk!

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    A quick search of Google mentioned Dr. Spock, but honestly, I don't know. ;-) I'm not much informed on sci-fi.

    Hate to break it to you, but real people don't have green blood... *LOL*!

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    My little niece recently had that same question the answer... The hulk lol spock? seriously spock??? He has yellow blood I looked it up on google!

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    Dude, how can a real person have green blood?

    It must be the Hulk.

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    The Grinch?

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