Online high schools?

Is it true there are programs/schools out there that allow high school students to get their diploma online, rather than a traditional 4 year high school? How would that work?

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    1 decade ago
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    Yeah! it's Virtual High School, and it does grant diplomas in some High Schools. Their website is You have to check with your school if they offer the service free of charge. It works like the traditional On-Line university.

  • 1 decade ago

    I took correspondence classes at the end of my sophomore year through Keystone. It is not fully online, but you are sent textbooks in the mail and binders with assignments, quizzes, and tests (which you send in upon completion). You work entirely at your own pace.

    It worked well for me, but I missed the in-class participation. I raise my hand all the time in class...and it bothered me not to be able to connect with my instructors on (at all) the same level.

    Other than that, I really do not know. I'm sure there are other types of high school programs that allow you to submit work online. I know colleges do this, so I don't see why high school work wouldn't be the same.

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