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plz I want the formule of ALUM or amercian salt?

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    What is commercially termed as "alum" is usually one (or more) of a few common aluminum salts...including aluminum hydroxide, aluminum chloride, or potassium aluminum sulfate. The most widely "correct" one is the hydroxide. They are all used as coagulating agents in water treatment processes.

    I would recommend that you specify which manufacturer of "alum" interests you the most, and check out an MSDS at their website.

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    In commercial wastewater applications, alum is Al2(SO4)3-18H2O. As stated, you have to look at the specific context it is used and who is using the term to get the correct anwer. Alum can be used for different forms of aluminum and sulfate.

    American (amercian) salt is not a standard term.

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    A colorless to white crystalline substance which occurs naturally as the mineral kalunite and is a constituent of the mineral alunite. Alum is produced as aluminum sulfate by treating bauxite with sulfuric acid to yield alum cake or by treating the bauxite with caustic soda to yield papermaker's alum.

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