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My bark is separating!?

so i tried to make peppermint bark and i spread a layer of milk chocolate, let it get a little hard so the white would go on top.

once i had finished it, i let it sit then put in the frige. and when i go to eat it....the two layers seperate! what did i do wrong...and how can i not get the layers to seperate?

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    I think you need to put the white on before the dark gets hard, so they will sort of melt together. You could swirl it a bit with a toothpick or knife to marbelize it a bit, then they will be one layer instead of two.

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    You may have not let the finished bark cool long enough on the fridge it takes twice as long for the completed bark to cool as it did for the first layer to cool. When you pour the white chocolate over the cooled milk chocolate. It will melt again and therefore you will have a sandwich of melted milk and white chocalte in the middle even though the top and bottom layers are melted.

    Source(s): I made 4 sheets pans full this weekend and mine did not separate
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    You needed to temper your Chocolate. The easy way to do it is to chop the chocolate then melt the some of the chocolate over boiling water, stir it a lot.

    Remove the Chocolate from the heat then add the rest of your chopped chocolate and keep stirring it. Then place the chocolate back on the heat for another few seconds or so.

    Then take a small spoon and quickly dip it into the chocolate. If the chocolate dries within a couple of minutes you did it right.

    You also should not have placed the bark in the fridge because moisture is harmful for chocolate.

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