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My best friends wont talk to me anymore?

So, we were the 4 bff last year in 10th grade, all in the same classroom. This year one of my bff went to the other classroom so there were the other 3 of us left. I started to hang out a lot with another girl who has no girl friends at all, and to a new boy who turned out being really cool. My other 2 bff started to hang out with another group of girls which Im not into so much. So we basically spend less time the 3 of us together, only when we join with our other bff on lunch. I still consider the 3 of them my bff, but they have been so weird recently. They don´t even talk to me (the 2 girls from my classroom) and I feel its not the same... Tomorrow is our last day and I want to solve that issue. What should I do??

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    Well, being a 28 year old mom of 2 kids who will be teens in under 6 years, I would like to applaud you for asking this. Simply put, this is a common dilemma.

    People change...

    Interests that you used to have, you will not have in the coming years and it just may be that those friends of yours are changing too. You will find many different friends over the course of your growing years. Don't sweat it. The most important thing is to become comfortable with yourself so that others will gravitate towards YOU.

    I know you may miss the times that you and your friends spent but it could be that they might just come back your way. They probably don't realize how much comfort they could get from old friends.

    Give it time.

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    That's an incredible amount of stress for someone your age to have to go through. One so young shouldn't have to deal with problems of this magnitude. It just isn't fair, is it? Why can't life be simpler instead of having to worry about our bbf and why they aren't talking to us this year because they are hanging out with a different group. My God, it just boggles the mind. No wonder there are so many people in therapy. Gee, I hope things work out for you, this is just so awful. I probably will lose sleep over this one for the rest of my life. What to do??? What to do??? Hmmmm, Oh, God, I don't know, I better go take some meds to calm myself......

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    That's what's going to happen every year. When I was in high school, I had new hang out friends ever year.

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    Buy them all a Ipod or ignore 'em they aren't worth being your friend.

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