Is i okay for a 16 and 23 year old to be inlove?

i am the 16 year old.


Alright just to let all know that answered i love this man and for the ones that said im his booty call your totally wroung.

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    That's a big age gap. I think whether or not it is okay depends on your maturity and his intentions.

    If he is going to care for you, look after you, love you, and protect you then yes, go for it.

    Also, your parents would have to be okay with it. There are many factors to take into consideration. Ultimately, if his intentions are pure, then I think it is ok.

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    It is absolutely not okay because it is illegal. It's a safe bet that laws like these were passed for good reason; to protect children and young adults from predators and manipulators. Keep in mind that the type of 23 year old person who would date a 16 year old person may not have your best interests in mind.

    But on a more emotional level, May- December relationships rarely work out because people with larger age gaps between them don't have the same goals and ambitions and they are usually at very different points in their lives. A 23 year old person should be worrying about bills, starting a retirement fund, and establishing a career, but a 16 year old person should be working hard in high school, having fun with their friends, and figuring out who they are and who they want to be. You are going to change so much over the coming years and you will probably be completely different when you are 23 than you are now. The chances of things working out are pretty slim-to-none.

    If you do choose to pursue a relationship with this person, look out for controlling personality traits. Don't let him or her tell you what to do or try to keep tabs on you! I speak from experience when I say that it's not a situation that you want to get yourself into.

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    You can be in love all you want, but you are a minor, he is 23, and that is illegal in the United States. And guess what, at 23 yr of age, he should know this. Are you in love with him? Does he know this? Did he say he is in love with you or are you dreaming about being in love with an older guy. You're careful. You have no business dating a 23 year old grown man while you are still a minor. You should be concentrating on the next prom or college. Love can wait. Good Luck Sweetheart.

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    well.... I am 19 my husband is 26... we have been together since I was 14... When we met he was 20! Now yeah, it sounds "gross" and weird, but at the time we were just best friends, because we knew it didnt sound or look right for us to be together. 17 is the legal age here in Ga. So when I turned 17, he was 24 and we were "offically" together! We have been married now for a year. (Together 6) It has been the best years of my life. If I would have listened to all those people who said "thats distigusting!" "It's just puppy love" blah blah blah... I would have never been where I am today with my wonderful "older" husband!! Now one thing that does stink about dating an older guy.. he is more experienced and will talk you into things that maybe you shouldnt do! So it all depends on the couple... How mature the guy is and how mature you are.

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    Technically no, its not ok. Luckily for you 23 year old males, "now-a-days", aren't very matture. But think about it this way, he's an adult, you are still in High School, are you willing to give up school, free time with your friends, partying and all the fun stuff we get to do when we're younger, if you end up getting pregnant by this adult? If the answer is no then you probably shouldn't be with someone older then you. It can cause more problems for you in the long run.

    All that aside though, thats just creepy, can this guy not find a girl his own age? Or is he "into little girls" in a different way then what you think?

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    *If you are the type of person with a good head on your shoulders this will matter to you, and if you are not that type of person you will not like this answer.*

    What the hell kind of 23 year old wants to be with a 16 year old??

    To elaborate, if this 23 year old was a good guy, with a steady job, and his life generally 'together' (AKA: a person WORTH being with), why then would he CHOOSE to be with a 16 year old, who has a lot more growing and maturing to do??

    Hon, you can stay with the guy and do what you gotta do, but just KNOW, so that you don't end up being surprised and hurt in the end these two things:

    1. Either this guy is lying to you up and down, side to side, OR

    2. He's a big fat loser who you don't WANT to end up with anyways.

    Good luck, and make good choices.

    I think you know in your HEART what is right and what is wrong...

    Source(s): Yea, I was young. And dumb. And a punk. (Who dated older guys when I was 16, too... they all turned out to be losers who I REGRET spending my time with!!!!) Ps. I can't BELIEVE you got sooooo many answers on this one!! Nice.
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    Not really a good idea.

    The 23 year old is about to experience a 2nd phase of adulthood, whereas the 16 year old is about to experience the first taste of adulthood.

    The 23 year old is likely to take advantage of the 16 year old and move on, leaving the 16 year old in a state of disappointment that could affect the rest of his/her life. The 23 year old is already established in life.

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    Other than it being illegal don`t you think this guy is a little immature to be dating a 16 year old when there are millions of girls in his own age group. Why it is illegal? Because we don`t want old guys finding victims amidst teenagers. This guy has real problems and you will be very sorry later. As soon as you become more mature he won`t want you and WILL dump you for another 15 or 16 year old that he can swoon. Think about it honey.

    Good question

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    It depends on the age of consent in your state, but 1 day when you are older you are going to wonder what kind of weak minded 23 year old looser would want to be in love with a 16 year old. Get away from this clown before he confesses to killing Jon Benet Ramsey

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    No. Speaking from experience and a woman's point of view, when I was younger I dated an older man. You are not emotionally capable of handling a relationship with an older man. There are a lot of things you need to learn to be able to deal with the emotional aspects of being in a relationship with a guy the same age as yourself. If you are being in a relationship with an older guy that makes matters worst. You have to know the game.

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    Well, according to the law it's not. But I don't go by the law because America thinks it knows it all. America believes that its way is the only way. So to me, yes it's OK if the two of you really like one another. Age is just a number telling how long someone has lived while enduring the vicious ways of the world. Just make sure you act mature because older guys don't tend to like immature girls (but stick to yourself - don't change for anyone). LOL

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