best subwoofer/amp for my current amp/speaker set on a budget?

I drive a '04 350z without the bose package and still using the stock headunit. currently, i have an alpine mrp-f250 amp powering 4 alpine type-s SPS-17C2 speakers. what set of amp/subs do you recommend would sound best for my current setup? i'm looking for great sound over power. my budget is around $300-400 and i already have a box. i dont mind buying other brands outside of alpine. oh and the cheaper the better.

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    The problem with already having a box is trying to find the right subs to go in it. As long as you know the air space in the box per chamber, you can try to find the subs that require the air volume of the box.

    Here is some info:

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    It looks to me like a pretty small sealed box. No chance at spl there, so getting a pair of Alpine Type-S woofers would work. You could go with Type-R subs, but I'm pretty sure 2 of them and a decent amplifier will go over your budget.

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    if you want to stay with alpine i would suggest a type-r subwoofer. it will get loud, but it still retains excellent sound quality.

    a cheaper sub would be an infinity kappa reference. they will not get as loud but will have good sound quality.

    as far as amps go, just match the power rating. you don't need a real big amp since you probably don't want it rattling the whole car. i would look into Alpine or Hifonics amps.

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    I would prefer you to get JL Audio. You are in a 300-400 range so you can get top of the line speakers in the price range that you are willing to invest. To my knowledge you are able to get 2 12 inch speakers and you already have a box as you say.

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    I would say rockford fosgate is a good brand but kind of expensive. I have a system for sale email me if u like

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    for the sub try re audio clean sound good prices

    site is

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    if you need any info on what exactly to get or what would actually fit feel free to email me good luck try the link merry christmas

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    if you want sound quality, not just booming bass, but bass that sounds great, you cant beat these for the price. get a pair.

    your sound quality will suck, if your amp sucks, we cant have that. go with this

    you will not beat the SQ you get from these for the price. i promise you that. but with your box, it might be a good idea to seperate the chambers.

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