Whats the highest military rank? whats their salary like?

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To all those who answered the Commander in Chief or The President of the US. The President is not a military rank. the President is CIVILIAN LEADERSHIP. The question is what is the highest MILITARY RANK.

To all those saying a 5 star Army General is the highest , you keep forgetting there are 5 star ranks in several of the branches and the Army is NOT above them.

Normally 4 stars are the highest. the Fifth star is a special rank only awarded during time of war.
the Marine Corp and the Coast Guard do not have a 5 star rank. only the Navy, Air Force, and Army do.
William Halsey was the last Fleet Admiral
Omar Bradly was the last General of the Army
Henry Arnold was the last (and only) General of the Air Force

Only the Army and Navy have a traditional special rank that is the equivelant of a sixth star.

Admiral of the Navy was only ever earned by one man. George Dewey

General of the Armies(plural) was awarded to John Pershing and posthumously to George Washington

and yes the President is the Commander-in-chief of all the armed forces but his is a civilian position (civilian leadership)

other than draft dodging Clinton, you have to go all the way back to Franklin Delano Roosevelt to find another President who has not served in the military ( and FDR had an excuse. Polio)

As to what their salaries are I have no Idea.


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  • John L answered 7 years ago
    Salary varies over time but the highest ranks are

    General of the Armies - only Pershing held this (Washington posthumously)

    General (Admiral) of the Army (Navy, Air Force) - Wartime rank so American commanders aren't outranked by field marshalls.

    Then General and so on...

    President is not a military rank. The President IS the commander in chief, but is not considered part of the military, even in wartime, but rather a civilian head.
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  • Top B answered 7 years ago
    This month, Dec 2006, a 4-Star General will earn $14,196.30. Congress caps this income to $12,666.00 though. So annual take home is $151,992.00 even though they earn $170,355.60.


    USMC 1986-Present.
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  • Holbrook answered 7 years ago
    Right now there is only a 4 Star General or Admiral...the 5-Star is for war time, but there is not one...they make 100k +...
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  • ? answered 7 years ago
    The highest rank in the Army and Marines is a four-star General, a.k.a. Chief-of-Staff of the Army or Chief-of-Staff of the Marines. These men can make between $200,000 and $350,000 a year depending on branch too. In the Army and Marines the ranks follow;

    5 star General - (discontinued after the Vietnam War) - (a.k.a.
    General of the United States Army)
    4 star-General - (Commonly used today)
    3 star-Lieutenant General
    2 star-Major General
    1 star-Brigadier General
    (Eagle) insignia - Colonel (silver in color)
    (Silver leaf) - Lieutenant Colonel
    (Gold leaf) - Major
    (2 silver bars) - Captain
    (1 silver bar) - 1st Lieutenant
    (1 gold bar) - 2nd Lieutenant

    These ranks correspond to both the Army and Marines.
    Go to Wikipedia to get the NCO ranks which differ.

    In the Navy, the ranks follow;

    5 star-Fleet Admiral
    4 star-Admiral
    3 star-Vice Admiral
    2 star-Rear Admiral (Upper Half)
    1 star-Rear Admiral (Lower Half)
    (Silver Eagle)-Captain
    (Silver Leaf)-Commander
    (Gold Leaf)-Lieutenant Commander
    (2 silver bars)-Lieutenant
    (1 silver bar)-Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
    (1 gold bar)-Ensign

    See Wikipedia for NCO ranks.
    The ranks of the US Air Force are similar in their commissioned officer ranks to the Army and Marines, but their NCO ranks are quite different. See the below link for details: http://en.wikipedia.org.
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  • WC answered 7 years ago
    For the Army, Marines, and Air Force, 4 star General.
    For the Navy, Coast Guard, 4 star Admiral

    Generals and Admirals, depending on the number of years in service, can make in the area of $8,500- $ 11,000 per month.
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  • tora911 answered 7 years ago
    4 Star General (5 Star during war time)
    4 Star Admiral (5 Star during war time)
    4 Star Marine General (5 Star during war time)
    4 Star Air Force General (5 Star during war time)

    Sorry don't know the pay grade.


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  • supremecritic answered 7 years ago
    Generalissimo, is the higest military rank, there have not been that many through history and i do not know of any now


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  • baklanchik answered 7 years ago
    Commander in Chief - $400,000/yr
    As far as working your way up in the military it would be a four star general, not sure of the salary.
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  • amanda g answered 7 years ago
    i think its the gold medal its for going beyond yourself and helping others most people that get it are usually dead.
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  • aalma00 answered 7 years ago
    General or Admiral depending on what service you're in
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  • callthedog answered 7 years ago
    Highest rank is the President...salary $400,000/year.
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  • lancs lad answered 7 years ago
    For us brits its the queen. shes the commander in chief. probably the president in america but probably have people behind the scenes aswell who do all the work.
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  • BillyG2 answered 7 years ago
    technically it is the presedent who is the commander in cheif he gets 200,000 a year
    you could also say it is the scretary of state who gets a little less than the pres
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  • Daniel H answered 7 years ago
    President of the United States. Thinking the last time I heard he makes about 100,000 a year before bribes.
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