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What fictional movie/TV president would you most like to see as our real President, and why?

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    I would have to say Tom Beck, as played by Morgan Freeman in Deep Impact. I believe that he has the countenance to keep the country calm, the insight to do what was best for the country, and the oratory skills to enlighten the masses.

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    I'm partial to David Palmer as previously played by Dennis Haysbert on 24. I loved him. I thought he always put the best interest of this country first and always remained calm and level headed. And I just adored him on the show.

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    Harrison ford as " President James Marshall" in "Air Force One" cause he could kick as* when he was fighting with Gary Oldman's character .. and he says at the end of the fight ' Get off my plane' !!!

    and then Bill Pullman as "President thomas j. whitmore" in "Independence day" cause he was able to fly a fighter jet and kick some alien butt !!!!

    and then Michael Douglas as " president andrew shepard" in "american president" because he was able to balance his family life and his duty as president and handle all the allegations that richard dreyfuss's character was accusing him of

  • Harrison Ford from Air Force One, baby. He'd kick some a ss. For America!

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    (Dennis Haysbert as) President David Palmer in "24".

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    Morgan Freeman. He looks like he knows what he's doing. : )

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    Geena Davis' Character and if you have to ask why, you're blind

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    ed o'neil as bush

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