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make my dog stronger and muscular?

this is not for dog fighting..... but what is a good food or what is good to do with my dog to make her stronger and more muscular ..........

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    We give ours high protein dog food, which means high price, and we run him everyday. He plays fetch with the kids for half an hour, then he runs in a field by our house for an hour. Everyone we meet says he is the most muscular Lab they have ever seen! And he is a very happy, healthy dog because of all the attention and exercise he gets!

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    To make your dog stronger, mentally, let it be a companion no matter the build. To make your dog more muscular find a good home for it far from your own. You have a dog for the wrong reason if all you care about is how it looks.

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    I walk my pit bull with a weighted backpack. You can get them at most pet stores (I use "Outward Hound" brand). They have adjustable straps that you can use to fit the pack to your dog. It gives my dog a good workout--after an hour walk he is out like a light! There are a couple added bonuses; 1) He is very calm and focused during walks, 2) I no longer have to carry "poop bags"--I put them in his pack, and 3) People always approach us to ask if he is a service dog in training. You shouldn't allow your dog to carry much more than 15% of her body weight, though, and even less if she is still a puppy (you could potentially damage her growing bone structure).

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    It's not like there's a workout regimine for dogs. They are animals. It's not like a person going to the gym.

    I cannot imagine what you'd want your dog to be stronger and more muscular for OTHER than dog fighting, and from your poster name, I'm assuming you have a pitbull? Shame.

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    Feed it just right high protein meals. Get a treadmill and run the canine on it every day. Begin gradual for short intervals of time and build up to rapid speeds and longer instances. Get a tug of conflict toy and raise him off the bottom swinging him around. Do this day-to-day for increasing quantities of time. If you're diligent, quickly he will be able to fight in the pits and kill or be killed. I assume that's what you want.

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    What kind of build do you want, what is your goal once you dog is stronger? It will help for answering you question with a good method of excersize.

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    Feed it good severe protein foodstuff. Get a treadmill and run the canines on it daily. initiate gradual for short sessions of time and build as much as quicker speeds and longer situations. Get a tug of war toy and improve him off the floor swinging him around. try this daily for increasing quantities of time. in case you're diligent, quickly he would be waiting to combat contained in the pits and kill or be killed. i anticipate that's what you opt for.

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    I don't think you should be asking things like "how do i make my dog mean" and "How do I make my dog stronger", you should be asking "How do I make myself smarter" and "How do I make myself not a senseless moron who obviously has no respect for animals"

    Do yourself and the dog a favour and give it to someone who isnt so concerned with turning it into a viscious doomed creature.

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    Dude I saw your other questions and I know that you want to use your Pit Bull for protection which is NOT a good idea. Pit Bulls need to be understood and your lack of understanding of the breed is very discouraging considering that you own one. Please consider another way of self defense besides your Pit Bull.

    I agree with Lunar 110%


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    there isnt some miracle food that makes your dog, or anyone magically muscular. he/she needs exercise...

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