As a mom, What should be on my two week grocery list if I plan to spend $100?

Im trying to make a grocery list but I dont need to spend a lot of money on unnecessary things. Im looking for quick meal ideas (for the kids) and cheap alternatives to pricer items.

Everytime I get in the store, I cant decide what to buy.

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    I agree with doing your meal planning ahead of time. I make 2 lists every 2 weeks--one is my meal list and the other is my grocery list. Don't forget to include snacks on your meal list!

    Meatloaf is cheap, actually, anything with ground beef is cheap.

    Try and spend some time on the weekends planning meals ahead of time. Get a big turkey, eat a turkey dinner on Sunday, turkey pot pie on Monday, turkey tetrazini on tuesday, turkey soup and grilled cheese sandwiches on Wednesday, etc.

    The next week, cook a beef roast. Hot beef sandwiches on Monday, shepherd's pie on Tuesday, etc.

    You should be able to find all these recipes on the internet.

    Good luck!

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    I wish $100.00 would get me through two weeks. Anyway, definitely plan your meals ahead of time. Check the papers to see what is on sale and where. Check to see if your store matches competitors prices. Stay away from junk like pop tarts. They are expensive and do not have much in the way of nutritional value. I do not know how many kids you have and wether or not you need to send them to school with lunches etc. But for main meals pick two or three on sale meat items, buy in family packs and divide them up for several meals. You should always have potatoes and brown rice available for side dishes. Definitely vegetables. Frozen are better, they are higher in nutrition than canned yet still keep longer than fresh. Should have several different types for fruit, especially fresh. Canned is not nearly as healthy. Apples last a long time and bananas are high in vitamins and minerals. You should keep in mind what everyone is going to eat each day and make sure you have available food from all of the food groups. Your kids should be eating 3-5 servings of whole grains, 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables, a day ( please don't make them all french fries) and at least a small amount of protien at each meal. Protien sources can be from meat, eggs, dairy, nuts, seeds and legumes. I hope this helps.

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    A few things I do.....

    1. buy burger (or any meat) in family packs- they're cheaper and makes two nights worth of dinners

    2. If you are going to use something more then once (like tom. sauce) buy a big can and put unused portion in tupper wear

    3. Don't buy name brands if you don't have to, store bands are just as good, and a lot cheaper

    4. Make your list for all the meals and write down EVERY thing you will need before you go shopping-and stick to your list!

    5. Don't cook more then you will eat, it's a waste of food and money.

    6. Shop around for the cheapest prices, sometimes there is a big difference in store prices, going to the closest one is convenient, but not always the cheapest.

    Source(s): How many people are you feeding? Hope this helped. If you want cheap meal ideas e-mail me and I'll e-mail you what I fix my family of 5 kids on a budget purpledragonflyjrh@yahoo
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    start with a list of meals and then break that down into each individual ingredients necessary to complete that meal. You should include things like spaghetti, mac&cheese and fishsticks, Pancakes and eggs, grilled cheese and soup, chicken quarters or whole chickens are pretty inexpensive and a 10lb bag of chicken quarters make at least 2 meals. Pasta and cream soups, all varieties of both can be mixed together with veggies, add some tuna and while it's not gourmet, it's good. Fried up burger patties and then making a brown gravy goes well with mashed potatoes and a veg. Watch for sales on your meat products. Pork steak is usually something you can get for a good price and it can be used for breakfast or lunch. Hopefully you have a low cost grocery in your neighborhood. Here in Michigan we have Aldi's and Sav-a-Lot that are MUCH cheaper to shop at. Good luck.

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    I buy the meals in a box that Betty crocker and Hamburger Helper makes. They come with EVERYTHING!! I haven't found one yet over three dollars, and my daughter and husband both love them. Also, try rice and brown gravy as a side dish, rolls, and the basics. When it comes to cheap, I'm the queen. I won't spend thirty cents on something if I can get it for 29 cents, even if it's not my usual brand. Also, try a store like Save-a-Lot. They have a lot of good stuff for next to nothing. Buy your bread from bread stores. They have bread cheap. Also, Wal-Mart does price matching on a lot of things in the store, not just groceries. CLIP COUPONS! You'd be surprised how muh you save by doing simple things.

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    You need to decide on what it is you want to cook before you go to the store. Make your meal plans in advance and then look at the recipes, find the stores that have those items on sale and go out and be specific on what you buy.

    Never go grocery shopping without a predetermined set of items you want to buy otherwise your eye and mind will wander and you will have a basket full of stuff you don't wand or don't need.

    I tend to do my shopping on a day by day basis.

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    Depends on several factors- how concerned are you about healthy eating, what products are available in your area, how many people in the family, etc.

    Always try to have staples on hand- I always have -- milk, bread (and a frozen loaf in the freezer), butter, dry pasta and some sauce, tons of soup, fresh fruits and veggies, and buy BULK packages of meats, along with freezer ziploc bags- then seperate the meat into serving sizes, bag it, and you have saved money and have portion sizes you will use.

    Also, we don't generally buy dry cereal. It's usually WAY to sugary, and overpriced. IF we do buy cereal, its Rasin Bran, shredded wheat, healthful (and cheap!) stuff. We also eat a lot of oatmeal, but buy the big bags of it you cook (its TONS cheaper, lasts longer, is more filling, less sugar, and healthier) than the individual packages of oatmeal.

    We also splurged and bought a food dehydrator. We make our own "fruit roll ups" and trail mix- the initial purchase of the machine is steep, but we have saved a lot of money.

    Also, look into making your own bulk supply of apple sauce. A day in the kitchen, and you will have yummy sauce for months to come... and sugar free!

    Anyways, here are a few links I like to check out for ideas like these... I am thinking about starting a yahoo group for moms to share budget ideas on... if interested, email me thru my profile... :)

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    If you have a grocery store that offers bulk items: rice, noodles, seasoning, etc., focus on that section. Maybe tomato sauce, small 8 oz. cans, and canned meat: tuna, chicken, or Vienna sausage. Cheddar cheese and fresh vegetables. Good luck! And remember pudding is always a hit for a quick and easy dessert!

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    It depends on what you like to eat. Alot of very inexpensive meals are not the most nutritious. But, some ideas are mac and cheese, spaghetti, tacos, casseroles, pancakes and eggs. Make sure to include plenty of fruits and vegetables. Frozen veggies are much cheaper than fresh ones.

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    i try to buy stuff that can be used like hambugar meat buy the one that is on sale that way you use half then use the other half on a diffrent meal try to go on what you know your kids will eat that way you wont have a lot of wast watch the sale paper coupons never hurt eather but just get the one you know you would use

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