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why do elements bond?

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    Elements bond to find a more stable state. For example, elements "want" to have their valence shell filled with electrons. So, if an element has two valence electrons and needs two more to fill its outer shell, it can bond with a like element, and the two will "share" their four electrons to fill their outer shell. This sort of bond is called a covalent bond, and oxygen gas (O2) is an example of it.

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    Ionic neutralization..everything wants to be whole and they latch onto each other to complete themselves electrically.

    Ionic are the strongest bonds where the charges and electrons swapped keep them together

    Covalent are weaker where 2 atoms "share" electrons to fill their electron shells which makes them "happy atoms"

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    Because when they bond they reach a lower energy level than if they remain separate.

    Reaching a lower energy level is sort of like water running down hill.

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