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how to inset a cat tampon?

ok, i am watching my gf's fleabag cat and apparently it hasn't been spayed and its that time of the month or something, so i call the vet for advice and they told me to use a "kitty pad" and to bring it in to get spayed whenever i can. Walmart didnt know what a kittypad was and so i got the smallest tampon i could find and tried to use it, but the damn cat keeps scratching me and wont let me put it in. What am i supposed to do? the cat is running everywhere and i have white carpet! HELP


I wasn't hurting the cat. I was just trying to see if it would actually fit, but she wouldn't ever let me try, so the cat is fine, dont worry. I took like 8 paper towels and folded them together and put them over the area, then used some electrical tape and wraped it around the cat to keep it in place, but this is just temporary. I do not live near a petsmart i dont think.

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    don't use a tampon.. there is no way that is going to work.. you could either keep trying to find one of these pad things or you could just try and use a diaper.. like for a baby.. and cut a hole out the back for the tail.. that would be my best guess

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    you have got to be kidding me. What dumbass would ever try to insert a tampon into a cat?!?!? A kitty pad is pretty much a diaper that you wrap on them with a plastic cover going over it... with a tail hole. Go to a vet clinic to get one or a very good pet shop. No wonder the cat is scratching you.... would you like something shoved up a hole that is ten sizes bigger than the hole?!?!?

    I can't believe that you would actually put tape around a cat. And every cat owner knows that cats don't bleed, so you're just screwing around. Get over it.

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    I hope you are kidding about putting in a tiny tampon. That would still be too big! If you are really that worried about your white carpet, put the cat in the bathroom or laundry room where she/he can't mess anything up. Make your girlfriend get the cat spayd when she returns.

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    ROTFL..I'm sorry..the picture I just got of that made me laugh so hard I almost fell out of my chair. They DOmake pads for animals..mostly dogs. They have little panty looking things that the pad fits into. I suppose a small one would fit a cat, although I have never heard of anyone putting one on their cat, nor have I ever seen any made for cats..just seen them for dogs. The dog ones do work..makes them look like they have on undies. Nix the Tampon. ROTFL.

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    I sincerely hope you're joking, but you can't put a tampon in a cat. Put the cat in the basement or bathroom or cat carrier or something till you can get it spayed or it's "time" has run its course, if you're that worried about the carpet.

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    It's like a little Maxi-Pad with a holder - Go to a pet store and tell them you've got a cat in heat that needs a feline sanitary kit.

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    Cat's don't have a heat cycle that produces a discharge. If this cat is bleeding, it's not normal and I would take her to a clinic pronto.

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    You don't use a tampon for a cat ! Put her in a crate or large box until it's done . They do make kitty pampers for cats. Go to a pet store they should carry them.

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    DO NOT INSERT A TAMPON...LMAO. sorry It can get lost up there and need surgery to remove it. DO NOT DO IT.

    You need to go to petsmart. Lock the kitty in the bathroom until you get the pad. Your gf needs to seriously consider fixing her cat.

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    just make the cat wear a newborn baby pampers,poke a whole in the middle of the pamper so its tail can get threw.

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