Which actor do you think is long over-due for an Oscar?

I think the people behind the oscars are all on crack.. I think Morgan Freeman should have won for Shawshank Redemption. Now he's basically telling the academy to go screw themselves with this movie "10 items or less". Also.. Johnny Depp should have won years ago.


I didn't say Morgan Freeman didn't win an oscar.. I said I think he should have won for Shawshank Redemption. And I know that the oscars are not based on how good an actor is... but I feel that Johnny Depp has given some outstanding performances that have been overlooked.. as well as Morgan Freeman

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    no no no those are all people who've won oscars.

    Do you know how many times Caine has won? i cant count that high.

    Michael Clark Duncan.. One hell of an actor.. "Green Mile" should have given him... Best actor, Best Picture of the year.. and more.

    but it lost to a movie that shouldnt have won didly.

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    #1-Morgan Freeman IS an Oscar winner. He won best supporting actor for Million Dollar Baby.

    #2-He is not telling the Academy to go screw themselves. That is an ignorant interpretation.

    Mr. Freeman has clearly stated that his direct to the audience tact is for artistic and production control. It has nothing to do with the Academy or his acting. He made the film on a small budget in 2 weeks without the need for studio backing or distribution.

    #3-Oscars are not awarded on the basis of cumulative work. So one cannot be "overdue" to win. Each individual performance is considered.

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    5 years ago

    He will get an Oscar, he is one of the Academy's sweetheart. I think he is in the same situation as Johnny Depp, who is a little older than him, but also did amazing movies and got a lot of nominations, but no Oscar still. I thought he did a great job in Blood Diamond and he is truly a good actor. I think it's interesting that Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet didn't get an Oscar yet. She is one of my favorites and she is only 31 years old with 5 nominations. I hope it won't take so many years for them to get the golden statuette.

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    Well he's still a young guy yet but Edward Norton got robbed blind in 1999 when some foreigner won best actor over Ed for American History X

    He deserved to take home every award in the place for that performance

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    Yep, I agree 100%, but I MUST say MICHAEL CAINE...and printer...repeat 'til page is full, as Nabokov wrote! That guy has WORKED!!! btw...LOVE Johnny Depp! but...did you know there's a punk song where MIchael says: "My name is Michael Caine"?"! Does it get any more poingnant?

    P.S. Rob Schneider? Oscar? MWAH-HAH-HAH!!!! I love the guy but I think even HE would laugh his A** off on this!!!

    ADDENDUM: Re: Michael Caine: He has ONLY won Best Supporting Actor, which, IMO is a travesty. According to an article, by Erika Hernandez, on about.com: "Considering his unremitting body of work, Caine's in-person accessibility is not surprising. He has earned two Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actor. The first of these was for Hannah and Her Sisters (1986). Caine played Elliot, a conflicted and neurotic financial advisor who falls in love with his wife's sister—“For all my education, accomplishments, and so called wisdom, I can't fathom my own heart.” He got his second Oscar for his portrayal of Dr. Wilbur Larch, an aging physician who runs a rural Maine orphanage in The Cider House Rules (1999)—“Good night, you princes of Maine, you Kings of New England.” He was also honored with a New York Film Critic's Best Actor Award (for Alfie), a Golden Globe Best Performance by an Actor in a Comedy/Musical (for Little Voice) , a British Academy Award (for Educating Rita), and has six Academy Award nominations to his credit (for performances in Alfie, Sleuth, Educating Rita, The Quiet American, and his two Oscar wins)." (1)

    He SHOULD have gotten Best Actors for Sleuth, Educating Rita, also, Get Carter, The Ipcress File, The Man Who Would be King and Secondhand Lions, at least!

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    Yes definitely Depp

  • 1 decade ago

    Johnny Depp!!!

    Kate Winslet and Morgan Freeman are also good choices

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    Cary Grant...He only won a lifetime achievement award and lost out every time he was up for Best Actor due to the politics of the business

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    1 decade ago

    Deniro has won 2, but none since Raging Bull in (1981)

    Kenneth Branagh

    Michael Caine

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    1 decade ago

    I really think Cuba Gooding Jr. should get an oscar, he should have gotten one for Radio. His performance was awesome in What dreams may come, He is just great.

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