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A web server is?

A web server is

a. a diagram showing all the wiring connections of a coorporate computer network

b. Interent communications software that must be installed prior to registering a new Web address

c. the computer that typically dispays requested Web pages via a Web browser

d. a computer that receives requests from another computer to transmit the stored digital files of a Web site

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    Although technically it doesn't have to receive the request from another computer. It could request the data itself.

    a. Is just a diagram - not a server at all!

    b. Is just software

    c. Is a web client

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    Since you asked A "web" server is? I would say "c" but truly there are several different applications a web server could be used for other that hosting websites.

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    The web pages can have images, videos and hyperlink to all kind of files which is also transmitted by web server.

    d option is for FTP server.

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