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Can you get a perm while you're pregnant?

I am pregnant and I have 8 weeks left and im tired of my hair being nappy, lol. It is so coarse and it won't hold moisture. i told somebody i was getting perms and they told me that the baby could get wrapped around the umbilical cord but i don't think that's true. so anyway, i just wanted to know could i get a perm today?

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    Girl Bye! Please don't tell me that you haven't gotten a perm the whole time you have been pregnant. If so girl your perm grew out a long time ago (lol). Nall 4real, girl i have three kids and have gotten a perm every 6-8wks, while pregnant. Pregnant people have to look good too. Nothing will happen to your baby. Was it somebody older that told you this. If so you know older people believe in tradition. Not saying tradition is wrong but God didn't say it. Ask them where did they get it from i bet they can not tell you.

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    Usually it's not recommended that perms be done during pregnancy. It's not because the cord will wrap around the baby (that's one of those things that just happens), but because of the chemicals. Coloring is okay since the chemicals don't touch the scalp that much, but with perming they do, and there's concern about the chemicals being absorbed and such.

    If anything, check with your doctor.


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    some human beings will say " No u shouldn't get a perm at the same time as pregnant " some human beings wil say " Yeah its thoroughly fantastic to get a perm " yet.... all of it boils right down to the hairdresser or salon! maximum hairdressers will refuse to perm your hair at the same time as pregnant using them being good if some thing ought to ensue! Its only the wellbeing and protection guidelines in maximum salons only in case they are at risk of be sued! The chemical they use on your hair to perm it really is rather reliable, its taking place for your scalp and also u will prob breath it in! Congratulations!

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    I only have heard about a dye, that's no recommended to do when you are pregnant, and basically the perm contains similar ingredientes of a dye, even stronger, these ingredients maybe can be dangerous for your baby, it's better don't do it, good luck and take care! ;)

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    no, the chemicals may not take well to your hair because of the differing levels of hormones in your system at this time, you don't know how it will turn out, and it could end up worse.

    Try a hot oil treatment to put some moisture back in.

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    No you should not...its the chemicals that are used that will get into your blood stream!! I don't suggest it considering whatever you put into your body your baby gets too!! I know it sucks..I always die my hair and when i got preg I couldn't anymore till after!!! Just a little bit longer!!

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    I asked my ob/gyn and he said it was fine -- I had mine done at about 20-25 weeks and now have a perfectly healthy 8 month old...oh yeah, and I'm a labor and delivery nurse...

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    i am pretty sure it will be OK to do that. but i would check with a doctor or hairdresser first. they would know. maybe even a pregnancy magazine. good luck and congrats on the baby!

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    no . because the smell its to strong could harm the baby

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    well Some say it is safe and some say no,contact your Dr and ask them.Good Luck

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