Ethical issues in "What about Bob?" movie?

I need to know a listing of ethical issues that are in the movie "What about Bob?" Also same with movie "Anger Management" Thanks... NEED ASAP!!!!!!

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    The biggest ethical issue is that the characters in both situations cross the line between the patient-therapist relationship into a personal relationship. Also they use excess to "cure" the patient, which IRL would cause the patient to possibly suffer a breakdown.

    If you don't want to watch the movies, there are always spoiler sites.

    "Anger Management"

    "What About Bob?"

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    1.) Should a doctor tell a patient to wait if they believe they have an urgent problem?

    2.) Should a doctor be about "selling the book" (baby steps)?

    3.) Does a doctor need to “really care” or is just being professional enough?

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    watch the movie.

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