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Can somone give me tips on how to gain gold in Dragonfable?

Any quests, or ideas/cheats, and please if you know, tell me how to get rare pets and doomweapons

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    I have one reasonably easy way to get money. Just continuously get Aeris Battlespire PvP trophies, and use them to buy Unsqueakable Farces. I know that the mace sells for 100 coins each, and they cost 1 trophy. This only gets you about 1200 coins an hour max, however.

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    Ok, I tried this game out in 1 day and I made it to lvl 10 in a few minutes... to get gold is simple, kill, kill, kill and do quests. The harder the quest, the better the reward... try doing the seed monster quest where you fight those seed guys... also get Zorbak or Twilly. Zorbak is stronger in battle but some of his attacks might get repelled. Twilly is weaker, but all of his attacks always hit, so choose who you want to be your partner carefully! I love the spider quest as you get an extra partner, too bad its only temporary though(she's better than Twilly *sigh*

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