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does anyone know if this is normal?

my dog that we think is pregnant got up this morning and had like a string of discharge hanging out, it had no blood or pus, it was clear color she would be 4-5 weeks now, is it normal? this is the first time weve seen dishcarge from her since we think she got pregnant.

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    She probably has a uterine infection or is miscarrying them. Get her to a vet and have her spayed- it may save her life.

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    I wouldn't think this is normal--but I've never had a pregnant dog. I've always spayed them immediately. But take her to the vet...the $50 office visit will give you peace of mind at the very least.

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    It is kinda disturbing for me that you only "think" your dog is pregnant. Why not find out for sure? You can then spay her if she is not that far along. You need to do the right thing for your dog and get her some professional veterinary care, today!

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    I would take her to the vet. Dogs usually don't discharge like that when pregnant.

    Right before giving birth, they do discharge a clear, jelly like liquid, so it may be a misscarriage.

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    Have her examined by a vet and have her xrayed. It is possible she has what we call a pyometra which is a bad infection in her uterus. If she has a pyo she needs to be spayed immediately otherwise she can become septic and die.

    Source(s): Me, I vet tech'd for 9 years
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    Nope. Not normal. Go to the vet. Good luck!

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    'we think is pregnant' - GO TO THE VET. Also, supervise your pets. Holy cow! You're an irresponsible owner.

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