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I am interested in learnind art, can you please give me some advice?

I completed a degree in computer science and now have a full time job, i am really passionate about art, can you please recommend me some sites or books i can read to learn the basic and advanced techniques of various paiting styles. Due to my 8 to 5 job i cannot go to art school to study art, so i need to learn it by myself..any recommendations on how i can do this.

I did art in junior\primary school, i won a few awards for it too, i am talended at painting and don't want to waste it.

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    Keep drawing and painting. A good way to teach yourself is by duplicating the master artists' works. Learn their technique and about their purpose for painting then you will acquire the confidence to expand and develop your own style. Also a good book to read for entering the art profession is "Making It As An Artist" by DePolo- a professional artist. Gives good guidance and advice for emerging artists...where to exhibit, how to attract clients, what gallery owners look for in an artist...things like that.

    It may help you through to success.

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    Try to draw as much as you can and perhaps go to a night school once a week and find someone to go on sketching trips

    Start by copying some of the great artists like Leonardo. His drawings then make drawings of his paintings . And so on till you start doing 3d . When you start painting do it in balck and white to get the tones right . Good luck and keep at it . Assess yourself every 2 months and you will have improved without your noticing .

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    I would go to barnes and nobles and check out their art section. They usually have a really good selection of art books, including art history, techniques, etc.

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