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why the gov people?

my dad has bone and lung cancer . and every 6 months they review his case for medicaid, well while they are doing this review. my dad has to wait and gather 9,000 dollars worth of doctor bills. before they will do it. meanwhile my dad has to have his medcaition kemo pills that are 3,000 dollars a month. And not to mention all the other pills he has to take to live. and we can't afford it. I don't know what to do. why won't they help? They help people who don't even need it. so what they have 500 hundred kids give them some dam@ condoms or something!. what to do?

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    i know that is hard one to understand. the gov. does nto help people that need it. u should write a letter to your state govnor. this is very unfair. keep ya head up and pray. i will keep u in my prayers. let me know how it turns out

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    It's awful to have to fight to pay your medical bills as well as fight cancer...

    Here in Canada we get free medicare, but all is not well either... Sometimes people have to wait for so long that they die on waiting lists, because they get diagnosed in terminal stage. Then they just tell you there's nothing to do... I'm beginning to think they do it on purpose just to save money.

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