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Is there a Constitutional requirement to hold a general election for the office of President of the U.S.?

I could not find any language in the Constitution that requires this! If there is no constitutional basis for the general election of the president, how did the practice begin? As far I can tell, electoral college members don't even need to pick an actual candidate for the office. The could pick anybody, as long as one of their 2 choices is from a state other than where the elector resides.

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    You are right - there is nothing in the U.S. Constitution about a general election for selecting the President. It only talks about the electors selecting the President, and how it is determined how many electors come from each state. It is left up to the states to decide how they select their electors, which all 50 do based on the results of the general election.

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    There is no NATIONAL general election, but we do track results as if there were one. There are general elections at the STATE level in order to determine which electors that state will send to cast their votes. Electors may cast their votes however they want, which is why the parties choose them carefully.

    p.s. Some recent elections in which an elector did NOT cast a vote for the winning state candidate: in 2004 one Minn. Kerry elector voted for John Edwards; in 2000, one D.C. Gore elector did not vote at all; in 1988 one WV elector swapped the Pres/VP votes; and in 1976 one Washington (state) Ford elector voted for Ronald Reagan.

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    State laws govern the general elections and the free-will of the electors in voting for president.

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    The Electors do not legally need to cast their votes for the candidate which the people of the state chose.

    Think about that one...


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    Its a law, not part of the constitution.

    And FYI a bill has been filed in congress to impeach.

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    read it again it's there

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