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What is the best Runescape Auto? like the safest and easiest to use?

I want a Woodcutting Auto

I want a Minning Auto

I want a Combat Auto

I want a Magic Auto

Please name the site.... You will be reported if any bugs or viruses in the site

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    hey ...don't ask for autos...

    if u dont wanna put the time in then maybe u shouldn't play?

    i have a lv 87 character in RS...adn it took me a long time to raise the skills.. like WC at 89, range 82, magic 74, fishing 85, fletch 89...etc... i would hate to see someone do all that wiht a cheat realz... just aint rite... so eihter play the game or dont bother, playa... werd up

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    6 years ago

    I suggest that you use this Runescape Auto tool called asoftech auto clicker, helped me last time, safe to use and easy to use.

    It supports Woodcutting Auto, Minning Auto, Combat Auto, Magic Auto.

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    Ok, you might already know that you could get banned from doing this but if you really want to know I use this:

    Choose your autobot you want to use and to make it auto wood cut or mine, have it attack the tree of rock and it will auto mine.


    Staff of Efilms Ltd.

    *WARNING* Use at your own risk. It is not my fault nor the creators fault if you get banned.

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    If you're caught doing that you will be banned, it is a bad idea to ask for that stuff. And whoever gives you any information on it will be banned as well. Repeat offenses will get your IP or IP block banned also.

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    You also went to get a life.

    We'll be reported, that's a laugh, you're the one asking about illegal products which break the TOS, I say we report this topic to Jagex right now.

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    dude there is not one like that i had the best ones and i still got busted there is ways people find out if it is a auto or not

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    Do you want to be a SuperMan in game?

    you may visit

    And a forum for communication.

    Have you joined a clan?

    Do you want to build a forum for your clan?

    Have fun!


  • 7 years ago

    Sure, see this one

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