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what are some inorganic water pollutants?

what are examples of inorganic water pollutants?

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    Road runoff, leaks from motorboats, plastic bags. Some factories even dump inorganic waste into the water systems nearby.

    Anything that is inorganic and spilled or thrown onto the ground is likely to become a water pollutant. In cities, the water runoff that goes down those drains ends up somewhere, and that somewhere is usually the water source for another municipality's drinking water. Or it kills wildlife, which creates more organic pollutants.

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    Silt isn't concerning to direct "an infection" form toxins. It will develop the suspended load of a circulate. Silt in floor runoff comes from shape web content, logging, scale down and burn practices or land clearing web content. pollution in water incorporate a great spectrum of chemical compounds, pathogens, and actual chemistry or sensory adjustments. In-organic and organic is something no longer "organic and organic" in nature. Silt could develop the soil by employing offering nutrients to plant life. yet in floor/floor water, that's seen pollutant. think of this style, including silt could make a eating water non-potable.

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    just a few would be ..


    lead (Pb) - this can effect the brain and central nervous system

    mercury (Hg) - this can effect anything from vision to retardation, and crippling, this was also why years ago there were "mad hatters" there was mercury present in the materical that shaped the hats

    cadmiun (Cd) - this causes brittle bones to the point where your legs cannot hold up your upper body

    Non Metals:

    nitrate (NO3) - this can effect babys it turns to nitrite in their intestines and stops the oxygen

    Selenium (Se) - this causes blindness, garlic breath, and death mostly animals get this from plants

    arsenic (As) - causes red scaly skin, infection and death

    inorganic water pollutants can also have similar effects as synthetic organics

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    Run off from the road (the oil from your car)


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