is baby getting enough nutrients?

ok like i feed Chandon (my baby) before i go to school in the morning but it just dont feel like he is getting enough milk from me!! and then when i get to school im LEAKING!! and its been like that for the past 2 weeks and i just want to know is this normal or not? b/c i want him to be as healthy as he can be, me being so young (15) and its not like his father can feed him all day b/c he dropped out of school to support us, we are living wit ma mama. but i just want to kno is my baby getting enough milk. and is it ok if i go ahead and wing him off the breast and onto baby formula....

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    Best way to find out if your baby is getting enough is to take him some place where he can be weighed. There are places where you can go where it's done for free. Check with the local hospitals to see if they have free breast-feeding weigh-ins, or you can contact your local La Leche League (find them online or in the phone book), or look for a breast-feeding supply store.

    Are you pumping during the day while you're at school? If you're not, that's why you're leaking. The milk is building up and the pressure is pushing the milk out. Also, if you're not pumping, your milk supply will diminish, so your baby might not be getting as much as he needs. You need to pump every 2 - 3 hours to keep your milk supply up.

    You could supplement the breastmilk with formula, or if it's more convenient, switch completely to formula. It's expensive, but the store brands are cheaper and are the same as most of the brand-name formulas. You can also go to the formula maker's website and sign up to get coupons. Formula is also covered by the WIC program.

    Hope this helps. I'll include some websites you can check out for more help in the source area.

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    First off, Congrats to you and your new family! Keep up the good work. Well, it all depends on whether or not he is getting enough while you are away...i can imagine he's not since school is like what 7 hrs... u can use a pump to pre make his bottles and switch him from breast to bottle feedings...if there is no way he can receive adequate amounts from the breast milk, then yeah, it may be best to give him the formula. breast milk, however, is the best way to go, so check out all of ur other options before switchin lil bit to formula. Good luck again and congrats!!

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    Congratulations on your baby, that is really hard having a baby and being so young, and going to school! You deserve a metal! Is there any chance you can pump after you nurse your baby and before you go to school? That would help with you leaking when you get there and give your baby another meal while you are gone. You can breast and bottle feed at the same time. Hope everything goes well for you and your family, keep your head up!

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    depends on how old the baby is. when you are breastfeeding, you will leak no matter what. if you have break periods and can pump your milk-that will help. but if your baby is feeding well, then your breasts will provide enough milk for him. your breasts will only make enough milk in equal amounts to what has been eaten by your baby or what has leaked out. if he wasnt getting enough milk-believe me! He would let you know! Babies are not shy!! LOL!!

    Good luck! And props to you for breastfeeding because a lot of mothers these days can't do it and watch for infections.

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    Try pumping as much as possible so that your boyfriend can feed your baby your own breast milk and that way you will not have to start your baby on formula.Can you bring the pump to school and pump on breaks or at lunch time?That would help with the leaking.If not-wear absorbant breast pads-that should help some.

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    Congratulations on the baby, and on breastfeeding. And on keeping up with school! Great job!

    How long has he been going between nursings ? How old is the baby ? If the baby is having enough wet and dirty diapers, most likely, he is getting enough to eat. You do not need to supplement unless the diaper count is low.

    As for leaking - very normal. It will go away once the supply becomes more stable. Use nursing pads ( you can get them at Walmart) or disposable nursing pads.

    Also, talk to a LLL leader who will help you figure out the best way to nurse your baby through school.

    Good luck!

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    Dear, you can put him on formula when ever you want! As for if he is getting enough nutrients, I'm sure he's fine, your body will rob you of yours to give to the baby if there's not enough in your milk. Just be sure to eat healthy and take vitamins every day. If you're at school it's better to put him on formula anyway.

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    congrats on keeping the baby and going back to school! it's going to be hard but you can do far as the baby his doc about the feeding issues..he may tell you to put him on formula just to make sure he is getting enough nutrients!! And as for you and your leaking ones..keep an extra shirt in your locker at school and buy some breast help soak up the leaks..good luck & CONGRATS

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    ask the baby's doctor.

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