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I have a stubborn layer of fat over my abs and want to lose it so they show does anyone have suggestions.?

Like pills and exercises that help with this

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    It's impossible to lose fat in just one area of the body other that by surgery. You'll want to lose fat in general. Eat less and exercise more.

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    I played baseball in college and our strength & conditioning coach had a very rigourous 5 minute ab routine that we followed three days a week. The exercises are as follows:

    Stationary Crunches (we did them with our hands between our knees pushing out away from our chest) - 30 seconds

    Standard Countermovement Crunches (elbows behind the head, feet on the floor; bring the elbows to knees above the chest) - 30 seconds

    Roman Soldiers (in a seated position, lift the feet up of the ground about 6 inches and lean back balancing on the butt; while balancing, rotate the body side-to-side attempting to touch the ground with the hands on each side of the body) - 30 seconds

    Bicycle crunches - 30 seconds

    Scissor kicks Up/Down (laying flat, feet 6 inches off the ground) - 30 seconds

    Scissor kicks Side-to-Side (laying flat, feet 6 inches off the ground) - 30 seconds

    Dead Leg Holds (laying flat) - 30 seconds

    Push-Downs Up/Down - 30 seconds

    Push-Downs Side-to-Side - 30 seconds

    Sit-ups - 30 seconds

    If needed, you can add a 10 second rest period between each exercise.

    Good luck!!!!


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    well exercise is probably the best way to get ride of it. Do crunches but dont kill yourself doing alot all at one time start off with a few at first to stregthen your abs then add more so you dont hurt yourself it will take time and dedication but in the end you will have a sexy flat stomach and of course pills really arent the answer stay away from foods with lots of fat thats how you get that fat lol good luck to you

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    You need to do cardiovascular exercises to get rid of fat. Many people will do tons of sit-ups, thinking it'll get rid of the fat, but they'll just have even stronger, rock hard abs under the same layer of fat. Fat is mostly removed by doing cardio.

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    Well I think you should drink a lots of water and grape fruit juice and that burns the fat down. and also do a 20mn work out three days out of the week.

  • 1 decade ago

    Use an elliptical machine and voila in three weeks to a month instant six pack but be prepared to work your a*s (or in this case your gut) off

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Maybe sit ups or crunches. Everyone says pill do not work, but I haven't tried them myself. Good luck!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    after you eat drink a glass of grapefruit juice if you like grapefruit because it works really good and you got to do this after every meal

  • 1 decade ago

    atkins. took me 3 weeks to lose all of my troublesome belly fat. the first few days are hard, but then it is rather easy. good luck.

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