how do you be become a model without going on amercian next top model?

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    1 decade ago
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    Go to a cheap portrait studio (Sears, K-Mart) and have headshots done. Go to a professional photographer and have 1-2 full body shots done (don't try to hide your body flaws with clothes, agencies need a good idea how you look or you won't get hired). Keep an eye out for open casting calls and accepting modeling agencies. When you go, submit your resume which, with no experience, will mostly be personal info and school background, and one of each photo in a brightly colored folder (so it stands out). Every photo you take, add to a portfolio that you can submit upon request.

    DO NOT GIVE ANY MONEY UP FRONT! Good agencies will not require any money up front to accept you. Scam artists and crappy agencies will.

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    You need to be represented by a modelling agency to get any worthwhile work. You also need a good portfolio with a variety of shots. You will have to pay for a photographer to take photos unless you have a friend or family member who will do it for free. However, make sure the photos in your portfolio are spectacular! If you live in a small to mid-sized town, you need to look for an agency in the nearest big city. Once you have a good portfolio and have a list of agency contacts, call the agencies to set appointments. If they like what they see, they will take you on as a client. Don't give up if one agency says no -- keep trying! Good luck -

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    Make up a portfolio, one long body shot, some head shots, fashion - just stay away from "glamour' shots etc. Then go to agencies and arrange to have a meeting. Don't do an online thing where you have to pay money. If you have to pay money - they are not worth being with and not totally legit.

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    Go to modeling agencies. My male friend wanted to model so he went to Hollister to get an application. They seemed interested. Good luck.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This is what 'reality' TV has wrought : people now believe that they are unable to succeed in modeling if they don't appear on ANTM, unable to succeed in the music business if they don't appear on 'American Idol', etc.

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    Sleep with the head of an agency

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