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What's the deal on people bouncing off the walls on Political Questions??? Ask a simple ? and all of a sudden


Like, ask how many days vacation did Pres Truman take?

Sudennly people are claiming the all volenteer Army are heros for rescuing the WTC firemen and if my mother had only practiced birth control Islam would convert to Buddha.

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    Islam, Buddha, WTC, all volunteer army, mass murder, Pres Truman's vacation??? Is there a coherent question in there somewhere?

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    There are some loose cannons out there, but they seem to hang out around the religion and spirituality section. I think it's great to offer constructive criticism and opinions, but I don't get a harsh reaction asking why the Vatican's records can't be opened up for journalists and Jewish civil rights groups, about their role in WWII.

    I get a reaction out of a benign question about religious beliefs. Ex. What is your religious belief? I get swearing, insults and crazy reactions from atheists and pagan/Wicca types. Why are they hanging around there, anyway? There is a ton of anti-Semitic garbage as well as all sorts of rude radical commentary on Christianisty and Islam.

    Vegetarians flipped out at me asking about recipes for sword steak and for eating fish and dairy sometimes. They slammed me viciously for not being a purist. Some people need the books thrown at them. Right now there are bigger issues and concerns.

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    People don't want to hear facts. They choose to live in their little bubble where whatever they believe is the absolute truth.

    When you make them think about reality, it scares them to death, and they strike out at you.

    Like your example: People love to slam Bush for everything they can think of - including supposedly taking a lot of vacations. When you remind them that all Presidents have always taken a lot of "vacations," it rips a hole in their reality.

    A sitting President is never on vacation like the rest of us. He actually works from his vacation spot. He is on call 24/7/365. He doesn't punch a clock at 5:00 and forget about work for the day.


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    I agree with Fozzie Bear as well as being a huge fan of his since I was about 10 yrs old.

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    John Wayne Gassy is that you? LOl oh people are just trying to tic ya off. I would think you would have grown a thicker skin by now.

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    It just doesnt make sens how some get so worked up over a forum

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    funny,blue eyed infidel,,son of a ***** funny,,,Islam is a heathen religion as is Buddha false gods,,,sinners repent

  • Huh? Then they said what? .....Wow, unbelievable.

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