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y is there so much drama in this world?

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    because people get so jealous and into everyone elses buisness that they will do anything to make themselves more popular or better than anyone even if it hurts someone while they are doing this. they really dont care. they just like to keep it going.

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    Some people thrive on it. They gotta make something happen or they don't feel alive and/or important. Some do it out of boredom, for some, it is a need for self-regard. Psychologically it is called "trolling," not from the mythical green character; it means to drag a hook along a waterbed and hope you catch something. This is what these particular individuals do. They cast their bait--their stories, their drama, etc.--in the hopes someone will bite. Trolls get delight in causing panic and distress in people. The key phrase and absolute best advice is "don't feed the trolls." The thing that a troll hates the most is to be ignored. They have to create conflict and get attention in order to fill that psychological need. If they are ignored...if they can't cause trouble...if they do not get attention, it's no fun for them and they usually move on elsewhere.

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    Without drama the world would be kind of boring!

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    I fail to see how you managed to think that this was an appropriate question for the computers and internet catergory... unless you were just trying to be funny/ironic and create drama.


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    Genetic evolution breeds diversity. Diversity breeds drama. :)

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    Tell me about it!!!

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