Scratched PS2 game?

Someone had dropped my PS2 and it had a game in it and it was severely scratched and wasnt even reading the disc at all.I got a new PS2 now. i used the toothpaste trick and it reads it but wont get past the loading stage. Any suggestions to what i can do now?


I really dont want to spend money on Skip doctor etc. I dont have the money for that

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    There are machines that DVD rental shops sometimes have that polish the scratches out of CDs/DVDs/Games. They squirt a solution onto the disc, then polish it with stuff like fine sandpaper in the machine. The process removes a thin surface layer of the 'read' side of the disc, which also removes any scratches - since the information on the disc is higher up inside it, this remains intact.

    If you can find a place that has one of the machines, they can rescue your disc at relatively low cost.

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    Use car wax... that's the best thing. If you think about it the problem is that the eye can get stuck in a scratch, if it's polished and smooth it will just glide! Try it I've used it for all my PS2 games that end up not working after a while.

    If the scratch is too deep get one of those scratch remover things at Best Buy. The cheaper ones are liek $35 and have a crank you turn. The pricey ones can be up to $100 but you just put it in and it trys to remove the scratches on its own.

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    Well I don't have any severly scratched games but I have a few that are pretty bad. So what I try first is I see if I can get lucky but It dosen't work a lot. What I try second is I spray water all over it and clean it from the center to the rim ( don't move in a circular motion around the disk, it scratches it up more ) with a soft piece of cloth. If that dosen't work I do the same except with windex. If that dosen't work I open it up very carefully and clean out the dust in the area it reads the disk. If that dosen't work buy a new game!!

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    Adhesive patches are bought that supposedly can help with scratches on CDs - this will be what you'll opt to attempt. in case you nonetheless have a receipt, i'd go back the product if interior of assure for a sparkling disc. There are also machines that sparkling discs for you, yet when the scratch is deep, there will be no assisting it. you ought to opt to reveal screen that your PS2 lens for reading the disc will be smudged, scratched or have dirt on it. you ought to opt to attempt puffing some air into the console at the same time as the disc tray is open.

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    If all else fails, put a pot of water on the stove and let it come to a boil put the disc in and let it sit for a minute to a minute and a half. This is only if all else fails, this has worked once when i couldnt get passed a cinimatic in FFIX so hope it works for you too.

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    Probobly not. If there is damage on the label side then there is nothing that can be done. The same thing happened to me WHILE I was playing the game and the game was just dirty after that.

    And I think the toothpaste trick is bougous (it never worked with my CDs)

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    Get a skip doctar at EB games or Gamestop

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    1 decade ago

    take it to gamestop or gamecrazy its like 6 bux. make the person pay for it

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