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Need Help naming my new lil puppy... it is a lil girl she is a black with a lil bit of brown on her dashund?

she is not suppose to get over 5 lbs... she is very playful... we have thought of peanut, sassy, gidget.... but we really dont know any suggestions....?

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    She will tell you her name if you listen.....the way she acts, personality, things she does. It will come to you.

    congrats on your new pup

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Romeo & Julliet or Cricket, Boomer, Niki, Nickolas, Nikita, Deisal, Buffy, Peanut, Shelby, woman, Dobber, Brownie, Lindsey, Mia, Bonnie & Clyde, Doby, Toby, Dibit, Elmo, Zoe, Rocky, Crockret, Bailey, Zeak, Luke, Little Ceasar, Maggie, Bozo, Hiedi & Fritz, wide-unfold.

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    My friend had a dashund named Muffin. She was very sweet.

    I am getting a Golden Retriever puppy soon and named her Maya after the sled dog on 8 Below.

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    As soon as I read your description I thought of "Peanut"!! I have always wanted to get a dashund and name her peanut!! I say go with something you like and you will be happy with it!!!

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    I suggest Lilly.

    I have a dachshund that sounds exactly like that(but older) and her name is Jasmine if that helps. Muffin is a very popular name for dachshunds. I knew about 3 dachshunds with the name Muffin.

    Good luck for finding names!!

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    Awww! She sounds sweet. My fiance and I have named all of our pets after our favorite movie, tv, and book characters. Clementine is our puppy (from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), and we've got an albino rabbit named Frank the Bunny (from Donnie Darko). Next, we'll be getting a tank of fish and naming each fish after a character on Lost. (One fish will be named "The Others". Heehee.)

    I couldn't possibly think of a name for your sweet puppy, but I wanted to share my naming strategy. Hope it helps you! :)

  • Takfam
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    1 decade ago

    Don't choose something generic. You want your dog to be unique because she is unique. Pick your favorite book or movie and find a side character in that book or movie and name her after that character.

    My last pet's (turtle) name was Arpee. Robert Paulson, RP, Arpee.

    It got annoying because whenever my friends would come over they'd go "His name is Robert Paulson. His name is Robert Paulson." and so on.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Pope John Paul II

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    In Germany Dachshunds are commonly called Waldi.

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    Zero. It's the name of the dog in Nightmare before Christmas.

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    Azalea, Nutmeg, Youssarian, Vinnia, Sicily, or Maggie, which is the 5th most popular dog name in the U.S.

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