Why would anyone doubt that the astronauts went to the moon?

The rocket was clearly seen on tv taking off, no? Yet why do some people doubt this?

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    The problem is that you can't go to the moon and see the spaceship and footprints, and telescopes can't resolve that fine detail. So you have to accept the word of those who worked on the project. Since it is easy to fake photographs and other evidence, it is easy to construct a story that we never really went to the moon. It would have been much cheaper to film the whole thing in a movie studio than really spend all that money building the rockets. The movie "Capricorn One" illustrates this with a faked trip to Mars.

    The website http://www.badastronomy.com/ shows that all of the arguments that the moon landings were fake are easily proven wrong.

    The reason I personally believe we did get to the moon is because the amount of information we got back is far more than would have been necessary for a sham. Also, there are too many people involved to keep a secret that big for long. In "Capricorn One", the government tried to murder anyone who would have leaked the secret. But to do that in reality would be very hard to cover up.

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    Because we don't do it any more. The feeling is, if we could do it then, why can't we do it now? If we can't do it now, then how could we have done it then? But that thinking is wrong. We COULD do it again if we really wanted, but the cost is too high so we don't want to. People also say that the cost should be lower now with our improved technology. But that argument has 2 problems. First, our ROCKET technology has not improved that much, at least not compared to out computer technology. And second, even with improved technology, it is still expensive, and what is the point in going anyway?

    How about this...

    The ancient Egyptians built these giant stone pyramids, but we don't build them today. So are the pyramids fake? I mean, have you ever seen one with your own eyes? Maybe they don't exist! Maybe it is a vast conspiracy, with fake pictures in books and all the tourists are in on the cover-up! Why don't we build another pyramid to prove we can do it still? After all, with modern technology we should be able to do it cheaper than the Egyptians could. True enough, but it would still be expensive, and who wants to do that anyway! OK, so there are a whole other set of stories about the Pyramids, saying that the ancient Egyptians did not build them because it would have been too hard to do with their technology. But we can go there and touch them, so saying they don't exist is not an option. But we can say aliens built them, because nobody can disprove that. But some people HAVE built a small stone pyramid using only tools available to the ancient Egyptians, just to prove it could be done. But it was small and people still say the full size one would have been impossible and so they still say it was aliens.

    Go figure!

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    Seems to me people want to have some knowledge that escapes other, that may be why so many people like "who done it" and mystery novels.

    Now, if you take the average schmo, he is confronted with MD's that understand how his body works, mechanics who understand how his car work, scientists who understand how a laser work, etc. What does he know in comparison? So, the schmo comes with an objection like "Well explain the bigfoot then?" (or any other crazy theory, be it UFO, astrology, a self-inflicted 9-11 ploy by the CIA, the Loch Ness Monster) just so he can feel there is something *he* knows, or perhaps more appropriately something that the smart and educated ones *do not* know either, so he does not feel so dumb.

    Which he is.

    But he does not know that...

    That is only my theory. I can be wrong.

    (and at the intention of white-lips above: the flag is not waving, it is WRINKLED)

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    I don't know. It is beyond my patience to spend time trying to figure them out. On the surface I suppose they like a good story. That's why I never liked the series "X-Files" or movies like "JFK", they seem religious to me. Those kinds of people only require events to happen so they can connect the dots in their convoluted way.

    I still watch those so-called documentaries about UFO's, Bigfoot, and the assassination of JFK because I reserve the possibility of fact yet I find no plausible reason to believe in any conspiracies or an alien human experimentation agenda, Roswell crash, ghosts, or any mystical campfire stories.

    On some Friday nights, my sister and I will tune in to "AM Coast to Coast" for the sheer entertainment. You should see the faces she makes and hear the laughs that we bellow when some folks try to work their logic.

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  • erin7
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    1 decade ago

    I think because some people choose not to believe things they cannot grasp. Look at Holocaust denyers.

    For fun, go to http://www.revisionism.nl/ Who claim (hopefully in jest) that not only was there no moon landing, but there is no moon. They also take on the Holocaust (Jews don't exist), The Titanic, the Irish Potato Famine (white people fabricating historical tragedy), The Parthenon, and a few others.

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    1 decade ago

    People are sheep and they believe what they are told, rare is the man who forms his own opinions, looks at the world through his own eyes.

    In other words, someone started this ridiculous conspiracy theory, and it spread amongst the uneducated.

    There are still people who think the Earth is flat.

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    Because once they got on the moon they where talking and it was overheard on the radio I heard it my self they gave some bible qoute of them being maim hamist and using some bible phraze to match the landing they thought they could go full maim ham on eradicating attractive women on earth and some other men. So to off set the maim hamist when they come to collect some lady's legs they can use this back the bible never happen the moon landing did not hapen mr heroric nasa maim hamist astronauts never got there so the maim ham situation dose not exist under stand you lost your bible footing to hack some innocent person up.

  • Because they put a flag on the moon and it was waving and we all know that on the moon is no air...

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    1 decade ago

    because people are stupid, and love the controversy of a conspiracy theory

  • 1 decade ago

    Do you REALLY believe anything the government tells you?

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