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i have a history project that i have to do for my college western civ class and ideas?

the possible topics are

greeks and the polis

romans and the golden age

The beggingings of the christian church

uniquely european in the early middle ages

any ideas would be great it can be a research paper a multimedia presentation or an artistic representation

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    Early middle ages: it is an ironic and little known fact that the absolute chaos that was western Europe during the early middle ages actually saved it from being overrun by the Mongols. The Mongols were light cavalry and their method of warfare dominated every civilization between China and eastern Europe for decades. Then they arrived in western Europe which was a collection of quarreling local landowners who built castles to protect their lands from their neighbors. The light cavalry of the Mongols had no answer for this castle-filled land and was unable to conquer anyone and they had to pack their sh!! and go home. There are enough details there to make more of a study of the subject but I think it would be a fun paper to research and write about.

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