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Who's the daddy?

I finially got to watch the second part of the Star Wars Trilogy, better late than never. Really liked it, watched it 3 times and the teh frist three again too. Anyway, we never did find out who Anikin Skywalker/Darth Vader's father was. I can not even speculate. Was this left unanswered because there could possibly be another trilogy, like with Lukes children. Anyone one heard any rumors of this?

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  • Scotty
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    It was addressed in the Phantom Menace......there was no father. Qui-Gin referred to Anakin as being conceived by the midicloriens, somehow they were able to impregnate Anakins mother. Anakin's mother herself said there was no father.......

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    He doesn't have a father. His mother had an "immaculate conception". In the Phantom Menace, his mother tells Qui-Gon "There was no father. I can't explain it." And he wasn't conceived by midi-chlorians. The explanation was that he was the chosen one and just came to be, not unlike the biblical story of Jesus' conception and birth.

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    i heard they were on the maury show and you are not the father.

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