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How can I gain weight...and my muscle?

I've been loosing weight or mayeb is j ust my muscle that's is going away...I ran cross country and track last year and just got out of a stress fracture...The thing body was getting firm and stuff...specialy on my legs and butt...but now since I am in rehab....and haven't been running for more than two months....the muscle is going away and my pants don't fit the same....they fit loose now =(....How canI gain that muscle back without running...any special excercises besides using a bike????Or a substance that can have me gain weight besides eating alot???

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    I am not a personal trainer but I worked at a gym for a couple years and had friends that were personal trainers. As far as gaining and loosing weight it's pretty simple (just not easy to do). If you intake more calories than you burn during the day, you will gain weight. If you burn more calories than you intake then you will loose weight. The types of foods that help build muscle have already been stated here (turkey, chicken, eggs etc). Gaining weight without eating more isn't going to work out too well. Eating more and lifting weights is a great way to add on some size but be careful of what you can and can't do. Since you are in rehab make sure to talk to your physical therapist of what type of strength training program you should work with.

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    You can attain weight on a nutrition if you're additionally constructing muscle on the fitness center. Muscle weighs greater than fats so that you might be without problems getting smaller even as gaining a little of weight. The remark on hunger mode could also be vital. Some men and women consider that in case you reduce your energy an excessive amount of your frame thinks that the meals give is disappearing and begins making use of power at a slower fee, so you'll be able to nonetheless be taking in additional energy than your frame is making use of. Moderation is relatively foremost, it doesn't matter what nutrition you employ. Moderation has to lengthen in your target too. Don't harm your self by way of proscribing energy an excessive amount of, certainly if you're figuring out while.

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    If you are in rehab you can only do as the Doc orders. otherwise you might be in worse shape.

    You are losing muscle. It doesn't take long esp. since you are used to exercising. I don't exercise like I used to because I strained my back which effects everything.

    Its hard. Find a pool and jump in just don't land on the bottom with your feet. Hang onto the side and bicycle until your doctor tells you otherwise.

    Keep up your intake of protein too.

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    There's one pretty awesome exercise you could try out; jump straight with your legs well stretched out about 3 ft high and upon landing you must crouch ( your buttocks need to slightly touch your ankles). And repeat 22 more times. ( or until you get really weary). For men it's better 34 times in a row.

    My current record stands at 53 times.

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    since your are concerned about fitting in your jeans a bit better, try squats. want the muscle to be muscle and not fat, keep your protein intake up. (chicken, fish, turkey, lean veal & beef). On behalf of the guys in your life, Thank You.

  • I think you should excise and lift weights or something

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    eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

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