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How would you ask your brother to change his life?

He is an alcoholic, past drug abuser[[May still be]]

Never holds down a decent job.

Has 5 kids [[3 of which were taken away by social services more than a year ago]]

I just want him to get his life together, but he always takes everything you say to him the wrong way.

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    Your brother needs to grow up and take full responsibilities for his actions! Its not your fault that your brother has chosen to live this kind of lifestyle and he chose to travel down on the wrong road! I understand that you want to help your brother turn his life around, but this is something that he has to do for himself! Besides, if he continues to take everything the wrong way, and continue to ruin his own life, let it be! Also, he needs to learn how to do the right thing for himself and his children, so he can become a better person for himself! Good luck!

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    From experience, you can ask him anyway until you are blue in the face and you know if they aren't ready to won't happen. He has to recognize that his life is pathetic before he will make any changes. He has to be sick of living that way and he has to know that he has lost his kids because of his own actions. Sadly enough, you can't make a difference in his choice of lifestyle. You can make sure that you or another family member does not enable him which would make it very slow for him to make changes. An enabler-----which I have been for many years----gives that person, resources so that they may continue their irresponsible behavior. For instance: My brother who has abused drugs for years will call me and say he needs money for food ( his money went to drugs) and instead of buying him food, I would give him money ( going to more drugs). Eventually I had to cut him off completely and not give him anything. He got to the point of having to support himself and he was ready to make changes in his life. I am happy to say he is drug free and living responsibly now. We always wants what is best for those we love, but we sometimes have to just wait it out and pray for them.

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    He has to see he has a problem u would think that loosing 3 of his kids would of been a wake up call

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    There is nothing that you can do to change him, he needs to hit rock bottom before he realizes that his life is a mess

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